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Illinois Farmers
by Michael Lee Johnson
2010-03-16 08:20:57
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Illinois writer in the land of Lincoln

new harvest without words

plenty of sugar pie plum, peach cobbler pie,

buried in grandma’s sugar

factory sweets and low flowing river nearby-

transports of soy bean, corn, and cattle feed

into the wide bass mouth of the Kishwakee River.

It’s the moment of reunion,

when friends and economy come together-

hotdogs, marshmallows, tents scattered,

playing kick ball with that black farm dog.


It’s a simple act, a farmer gone blind with the night pink sky,

desolate farmer, simple flat land, DeKalb, Illinois.


Betsy and Phil invite us all to the camp and fireside.


But Phil is still in the field, pushing sunset to dusk.

He is raking dry the farm soil of salvation, moisture has its own religious quirks,

dead seed from weed hurls up to the metal lips of the cultivator pitting.


The full moon is undressing, pink fluorescent hints of blue, pajamas, turned

inward near midnight sky against the moon now fully naked and embarrassed.


Hayrides for strangers go down dark squared-off roads with lights hanging,

children humming school tunes, long farmhouse lights lost in the near distance.


Humming till dawn, Christian songs repeated over God’s earth.

Dead go the sounds of the tractor, with the twist of a switch off,

down to the dusk and off the road’s edge.


 It’s the moment of reunion.

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Tim Rollins2010-03-16 17:00:29
I have been following this Illinois poet in many publications and he certainly is one of the better poets of our recent times.

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