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The Consequence of Nonsense!
by Leah Sellers
2010-03-20 08:38:33
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Shhh! It’s not polite to talk about the unbridled narcissistic Profiteering taken for granted within unbalanced Malevolent Capitalism. Why unbalanced? Capitalism everlastingly rocks back and forth (like every other Thing and every One else upon the face of this great and beautiful Planet) Balancing between Benevolence and Malevolence. Productive Creation and Destructive Nihilism; and all of the shades and levels in between.

Within the Globe’s Profiteering Corporate Feudalistic Empires, one of the burgeoning Ruling Entities are the Insurance Companies (Corporations). What do they ensure (insure)? Long armed, multi-faceted Profits for the Elitist Few - and a few meager benefits for a few of the Many.

Perhaps We the People should take time to pause and chew our cuds on the supposition that when it comes to a Nation’s (and an Individual’s) Health and Education - Profiteering should not be a Consideration - an underlying Motive. Especially when Malevolent Capitalism Rules the Day.

Health Care and Education Care should both be defended and protected by Societal Ethics and Universal Care. It should Benefit the Many - not just the fortunate Few.

Why? Because without Affordable and Equitable Health and Education an Individual Citizen (in today’s World) cannot thrive or sustain themselves (and/or their Loved Ones) effectively. Sky rocketing (profiteering) costs, which are comfortably met and sustained by the Wealthy (or fortunately well insured), make ‘getting ahead’ (whatever that means) by the dwindling Middle Class and the escalating Poor almost impossible.

This is one of the many Realities of Malevolent Capitalism (unconscionable Profiteering, narcissistic corporate, legislative, executive and judicial greed, hubris, etc…) which has unfortunately grown in bullfrog leaps and bounds. Because We the People allowed deregulations and the dismantling of Ethical Behavioral Economic and Societal checks and balances systems, which in turn allowed the exponential growth of Malevolent Capitalism.

What sense does it make to educate a Citizen and then financially and socially burden that same Citizen up to twenty years of their most productive Life years with interest hungry educational loans to repay? It’s counter-productive to the Citizen - to the Nation - but not to the Profiteers, Corporations, Laws (created by our Nation’s well paid lawyers, lobbyists and politicians) and Banks, all supporting rising costs (which fill their coffers) and heavy handed loans encumbering much of a Citizen’s Life, and their struggle to ‘get ahead’. Get ahead of what? To what?

What sense does it make to Educate a Citizen and have that Citizen honestly and doggedly work hard toward Middle Class or higher social status only to lose their home - their feathered Nest Egg - their hard earned Middle Class social status to financial impoverishment (and Daily Life impoverishment) to a bout with poor Health? To a bout with unexpected unemployment caused by the Profiteers antics of fun ‘n games with Wall Street and the Global Economies?

Why, in an (so called) Enlightened Society do We the People allow poor Health to slap - to slowly beat a Citizen down into the depths of backbreaking Poverty?

Why do We the People allow the Profiteers (the Corporations and Banks, etc…) who willingly took Our (the Americans) Tax monies (which were supposed to be revitalized and returned to We the People to support the growth of jobs and small businesses) to continue their Social and Economic irresponsibility and unaccountability?

We allowed them (the elitist Few) to con all of Us into depleting Our National (and Familial) coffers in order to increase the booty of their Global Feudalistic Economic Empire! We the People helped them to correct their mistakes, only to be further impoverished and disempowered! What Nonsense!

Malevolent Capitalism is detrimental to every Citizen - every Nation. But works quite handily for the Lives and financial Health of Profiteers, corporations, lawyers, lobbyists, politicians and bankers Globally. Their 1% has nothing much (or less) to worry about. Their 1% hold themselves above the ordinary riff-raff - the unlucky Middle Class and Poor peasants, serfs and slaves of the 1%’s Empire.

When will We the People - the Citizens - the People’s of Every Nation stop supporting such antiquated and debasing Economic and Societal systems? When will We the People put Our Minds, Bodies and Souls together to restructure Societies, and their Economies, into more Equitable and Sensible Entities for All? Which Benefit Everyone?

What makes a Plumber’s job less important than a Politician’s? Money. And the Value Reality We the People choose to give Money.

What makes a Teacher’s vocation less important than a Football Player’s? Money. And the Value Reality We the People choose to give Money.

Why have We the People given Money a Value Reality of such utmost Life importance?

Why have We the People become worshippers of Profiteering and Profiteers? The very Entities which (and who) hold the heels of their heavy Financial/Societal Boots unmercifully, and roughly, against We the People’s scrawny little necks?

Why do We the People continue to perpetuate, and sing the praises of an Economic system and Societal Culture which continues to oppress more and more Citizens, when We the People can deliberate and put into Action other more Enlightened Choices?

Such is the Nonsense of Consequence, and the Consequence of Nonsense!

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