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Spanish report Spanish report
by Euro Reporter
2010-03-15 07:42:31
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Mariano Rajoy speaks out against planned VAT increase

The Partido Popular leader has called on smaller parties to vote against the Government on the matter on Tuesday. The Partido Popular leader, Mariano Rajoy, has put forward a five point crash plan against the recession without increasing VAT/IVA.

He described the plans to increase VAT on July 1 as an example of how bad government would affect all the citizens, as he spoke at the closure of the PP regional conference in Valencia over the weekend and shared a state and complements with Francisco Camps, the PP leader in the region. He called on the regional parties PNV and the Canary Island coalition not to support the Government in a vote on the increase in Congress on Tuesday. He also said a new super-reduced VAT should be applied in hotels and restaurants to boost the hostelry sector.

Rajoy says he wants to see a new work contract for the unemployed and youngsters, and to fight bad debt. He said the alternative to increase taxes was to spend less, accusing the Government of throwing money away, and said that the financial system needed restructuring to enable credit to flow.


Barcelona Court rules P2P links page legal in Spain

The court considered that elrincondejesus.com did not break any intellectual property law. Consumers’ federation FACUA said on Sunday that they hoped the Government would change their policy and intentions to close down certain web pages. The call came after the court in Barcelona ruled, in the first civil case on the matter in Spain, that pages which host P2P links do not break the law.

The SGAE performing rights and copyright organisation in Spain had tried in court to close the page www.elrincondejesus.com considering the page offered links to download items via P2P programs. But the court considered that the page did not itself distribute any content which was subject to intellectual property.

The Spanish Association of Internet Users has also welcomed the sentence from Barcelona. President Victor Domingo said ‘It seems that the internet users are able to understand the future, and that the judges are clearly in agreement’.


ETA youth activist arrested in London

Scotland Yard on Sunday arrested in London, Garikoitz Ibarlucea Murna, wanted in Spain for talking part in ‘kale borroka’ street violence linked to Basque terrorists ETA.

He has been on the run since 2006 when he failed to appear to face charges of belonging to a terrorist organisation at the National Court in Madrid, and there was a European arrest warrant in force.
He will now be extradited back to Spain.

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