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Intestinal Frolic
by David Barger
2010-04-10 10:11:08
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My job is in limbo
Where management pays
The wages through a ghost department.
I feel unnerving and withdrawn
From allowing any ties to completely
Merge between them and myself;
These destructive relationships
Wandering in infinite cyberspace
Will eventually have the yellow wire
Connections severed with a butcher knife.
Sorry, no soft-set coupler here.
If any managerial associates
Have uncontrolled wicked tongues
Then they will simply be unfriended –
Since unfriend is the new digital phrase
I will feel satisfied with such ending result!
A resolution resolving kinked problems.

I will wear a pineapple on my head
Since this is the only way of relating
Any sense of long labels in fruity.
My Chiquita banana
I peel back slowly and smile
Offering to give in the sharing
Hoping they are able to digest
My frustration wallowing
In a large intestinal frolic!
Behave they say. Control your temper
They say. Be good, and be silent
They say. We want all control
Of your quadrants leading into
The inner sanctum of the juicy mind.
I say, fichen dich mien heir, bista!?
I laugh out loud inside of my head
Where the LOL is for my pleasure alone.

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Davis2010-05-19 21:02:57
Its more of about an every day life issues and there also a bit of humor which we all need now a days

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