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A backwards approach
by David Barger
2010-04-02 10:52:16
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Nuthatch white breasted
Climbs down the trunk of my tree;
A backwards approach
When flight is such ease.

Why whittle this path?
Why walk south on Japanese bark?
Except to appear to agree
That if speech were more free
In saying this is my way
From what I have been taught
For to just fly toward the ground
Would escape my mystery,
And this endeavor should cease
When I leave from myself -
Repressing who I am
Not of what I may become,
But to trace back my steps
Keeping in check where I have come from.

Linger not in regret of the if and the could.
Just rekindle the thoughts
Where claws trekked upon living wood;
Eating a few seeds from green feeder
Hanging under the strength of one branch.

Abruptly take to flight
As though startled by fright
To a twig of a tree twenty feet away,
And return yet again with the newness of day.
Black hood and grey wings
Stretch out to the blue endless sky.

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