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Mr. Pete
by David Barger
2010-03-28 09:52:46
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On the eve of one summer’s day,
As the sun set below the horizon
Old Mr. Pete heard his dog bark.
A moment, he thought, it’d be over
Still the barking continued worse -
So much worse than it had before.
Then as he looked out from the inside;
He saw a light hovering
Some twenty feet from his door.
This light was quite small,
Neither did it move nor did it roam.
He watched for some time,
And then he left it alone.

Mr. Pete is the mayor of his trivial town.
The name of it is called Russellville.
It has a statue in the only known square,
And the statue stands on top of a mound.

The very next night as he finished his bath
He heard his dog barking again,
As he walked down the hallway to his living room,
Knowing he had to bring such hysterics to an end.
Mr. Pete stopped in his movement –
Standing before him at his own height,
In his own house hovering the same
Was that strange and illuminating light.
How dare it just barge in my home!
Were the only thoughts he could find,
And grabbing his gun he chased it out the door.
This light kept on moving with him right behind.

Now the town folks which seen this
Thought what an astonishing sight?!
They were not confounded by the yelling he did,
Nor could they see the small orb of light.
They were not amazed with his gun flung all about
Like a madman whose mind had long gone.
The thing which made their every jaw drop
Was him running each block without any clothes on!

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David Barger2010-03-28 16:58:08
The funny thing about this poem is that old saying - how truth is stranger than fiction.

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