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Non sum qualis eram - in dubio
by David Barger
2010-03-25 07:44:19
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Feelings are difficult to understand -
Easy enough to be felt
Like a finger cut by glass
Leaving one open and hurt
Awaiting the mend of tomorrow
Ever wondering if a band-aid is enough
To keep the wound’s sting from seeping
For all the world to look with tilted heads.
There are stories behind each measure
Where timing is a barrier well known.
Mixture of flour, and sugar,
A little milk, and pinch of salt;
Stir them together then a small decision
How to equally pour the amounts
Kindled by the passion from heat
Which gathers a single cookie’s sweetness,
Or the black hardening from being overcooked.
Teeter on the thick coldness
Where hate and revenge are frozen
Kept with more layers of ice
Never truly wanted by reason,
But are there just the same
Like a forgotten steak left to be freezer-burnt,
And then at the end it is as it becomes
A tasteless and unwilling waste.
If nothing ever moved then no feelings
Could be felt for each is only bloomed
Through the action that was dealt
Though never quite so simple
If the hands were laid out in cards.
No joker’s fool, no jack of spades,
No king of diamonds, or queen of hearts;
Forgiveness and compassion are related
Rooted down by the underlines of kindness,
But overall it is the mind that decides
To deal and risk the wager gambled.
Birds gamble each time they take flight
And just believe that each wing will flap
For none leave the ground without
That final moment to declare action made,
Taken, and above all followed through!

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