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Attempting to love Attempting to love
by David Barger
2016-02-14 12:28:08
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love01_400_02I wrote a letter
 Dropping it into this dry well.
The sound echoed
 Where the letter braces
 Upon the untouched bottom.
I am the fool.
I know this liquid truth,
 And I embrace it
 In complete embrace.
I have loved,
 And every woman
 So loved by me
 Knew it was foolish
 To love a jester.
   Some had tried,
 And some succeeded
 In loving, or attempting to love
 This fool-hearted man.
   To a small extent it all
 Has made me a less
 Miserable fool.
I fill the well
 With cold water
 So I may swim around,
 And around, and around it
 Like the goldfish I never had.


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