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Happiness in grounded cows
by David Barger
2010-03-10 07:24:12
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I woke up minutes before
The alarm sounded
With its overkill buzzing,
And I smiled
Thinking to myself
Today is going to be
A great day.
I paraded out
To the kitchen
Feeling like a powerhouse
Of a well tuned marching band.
I made the usual coffee,
And walked outside
To grab the morning paper;
The sun was just peeking over
Distant trees standing in perfect
Formation to greet the day.
Returning inside
Pouring the cup of joe,
And opening the fridge
For some milk to top it off;
When I realized
There was none in sight.
Not even a sip remaining
In this dried up
White cow.
I looked in the cupboards
Hoping to find some artificial cream
In the form of powder,
But again it too was empty.
How can I be out of cream?
The day was starting off so well,
And now it is blemished
By this one small detail.
Blemished, I tell you!
Marked now with a shadow
Of uncertainty.
Everything became a constant
Blur of black and white,
This day showed haunting
Of one big cow;
Mad cow disease hitting me
Right square in the face!
I walked outside,
With cup in hand,
Anger boiling over within my head.
I steamed loudly
All I wanted was some cream!
Then it happened -
In the millisecond of an eye blink
It plopped directly into my cup
Of untouched blackness.
I tilted my head in curiosity
Watching a bubble of whiteness
Fan out through my coffee.
It was a miracle!
A smile found its way again
Onto my puzzled face.
I breathed in the rising steam,
And drank in this wonderful day.
Hey! This tastes like bird sh…..

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A-Gonzaga2010-03-10 14:27:38

Emanuel Paparella2010-03-10 15:50:56
Miracles do happen, and so does bird's...

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