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March 2010 Choices March 2010 Choices
by The Ovi Team
2010-03-01 05:29:03
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Our choices for March 2010's blog, site and photo of the month:

Blog of the month: Bicycle Design

Bicycle Design is the place for thoughts and discussion about industrial design in the bicycle industry. It’s a place for real bicycle lovers!




For more interesting Blogs, HERE!

Site of the month: Petrucci Music Library





The best is to let the creators explain: Welcome to the Petrucci Music Library! Our goal is to create a virtual library containing all public domain music scores, as well as scores from composers who are willing to share their music with the world without charge.  The Petrucci Music Library also encourages the exchange of musical ideas, both in the form of musical works and in their analysis. Feel free to post your analysis of a particular piece on the "discussion" pages, or join our forums for interactive discussion with the community.

For more interesting links, you can check HERE!

Photo of the Month: The first light




By Thanos Kalamidas

And if you want to check more from Ovi's photo-album, check HERE!

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