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Romanian report Romanian report
by Euro Reporter
2010-02-27 09:41:47
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Gazprom did not invite Transgaz officially to join South Stream

There hasn't been any official invitation from Russian company Gazprom to Romanuan Company Transgaz for the latter to take part in South Stream, Gazprom Export sources close to South Stream said. The quoted sources confirm Romanian state secretary Tudor Serban's declarations made on Friday and contradict Romanian Economy Minister Adriean Videanu.  The latter had officially announced last week that, after the visit of a Russian delegation in Bucharest, that Transgaz received Gazprom's invitation to take part in the Russian protest.

The Russian sources made it clear that Transgas did not receive any invitation of taking part in the South Stream project and told that Russian company representatives proposed during discussions in Bucharest to analyse the possibility of building a gas pipe in Romania, should the future feasibility study prove such a project is viable.

In a press conference three days after his meeting with Gazprom representatives, Romanian Economy minister Adriean Videanu said :" Medvedev handed me the invitation, which I have passed on to Transgaz in order to contribute to south Stream. We will make available to Gazprom all the necessary data for their studies."


Romania should go through with the IMF agreement

Romania should go through with the International Monetary Fund agreement, even there are voices saying that Romania could give up the other instalments from the foreign loan, BRD economist chief Florian Libocor.

He mentioned that this is a proof that "we are serious". "There are voices saying that we could give up the other instalments from the IMF agreement, which are not that consistent. I believe it would be beneficial to go through with the agreement because it would be for the second time when we do it", BRD chief economist declared.

He added that "this would be good for the CV, because it would mean that we are serious." So far, the IMF paid Romania 9.32 million Euros out of 12.95 million Euros financial package.

The man to suggest Romania could make a switch from a stand-by agreement to a precautionary agreement with the IMF was the Romanian Finance minister himself, Sebastian Vladescu. He stated that the Romanian economy was recovering in a consistent manner.


The Social Democrats will submit a censure motion if the pension law will pass in the Parliament

Social Democratic Party President Victor Ponta declared Thursday night that if the pension’s law will pass in the Parliament in its current form, his party will submit a censure motion. Ponta argues that the current government plans to drive all retired citizens crazy and recalculate pensions again, Agerpres informs.

The senators decided on Monday, with 38 votes for, 34 against and 1 abstain that the new pensions law proposed by the government should be debated in an emergency procedure, which means 30 days, Agerpres informs.

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