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Latvian report Latvian report
by Euro Reporter
2010-02-11 07:43:13
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Government addresses medium-term development plans

The government on Feb. 9 agreed on the measures that would be carried out in order to ensure the fiscal consolidation of the state budget over the next two years, reports news agency LETA. The government’s decision foresees that by May 25, the Ministry of Finance in cooperation with the Bank of Latvia and the Ministry of the Economy will prepare a medium-term macro-economic development and fiscal policy framework for 2011-2013.


Baltic girls receive funding from Pakistani men

Destitute young women from Eastern Europe are risking serious danger coming to Ireland for fake marriages, arranged by Pakistanis and Africans aiming to gain EU citizenship illegally, writes Jim Cusack in the Sunday Independent, reports news agency LETA. Latvian police contacted the Guard of the Peace of Ireland last year after they received reports that young women from Latvia, who had come to Ireland for illegal marriages with men from Pakistan and a number of African countries.


Latvia's opposition to the rescue

Nothing but the support of several opposition lawmakers helped the Latvian government avoid an international scandal, unrest in the financial markets, and delay of the next tranche of international loans. The biggest coalition member, the People’s Party, refused to vote for the mandate giving the Cabinet the authority to deal with the international lenders.


Russians buy whole Latvian town

A Russian company has bought an entire Latvian town, which once formed part of the Soviet Union's air defences against NATO, complete with nightclubs, schools and apartment blocks.

Alekseevskoye-Serviss snapped up the now deserted Skrunda-1, which in its heyday was home to 5,000 service personnel and their families, for what property agents have described as the bargain price of £1.9m. For that the company gets 111 acres of land, 10 apartment blocks, a shopping centre, barracks and the other assorted buildings that once comprised the top-secret Soviet radar establishment which scanned the skies for incoming missiles.

Anete Fridensteina-Bridina, from Baiba Briede, the agency conducting the sale, said that the town "fetched 10 times the starting price” and that the successful privatisation could give it a new lease of life.  Lying 93 miles west of Riga and still closed to the public, the once mighty Skrunda-1 has lain deserted since the last Red Army soldier packed his bags and left in 1994.

So far Alekseevskoye-Serviss has remained coy on what it has planned for the former base, but property experts have said that the company should be prepared to invest a fortune. Having been a ghost town for the best part of 15 years and subject to the vigorous and harsh attention of the Latvian climate, buildings are dilapidated and in dire need of renovation. The Latvian state, happy to see the town taken off its books has placed no restriction on what developers can or cannot do.

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