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Cyprus Report Cyprus Report
by Euro Reporter
2010-02-07 09:59:19
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A lot of empty chairs as deputies play hookey

MPs are routinely failing to turn up to committee meetings and plenary discussion sessions in adequate numbers, it emerged yesterday. In some cases less than half the required number of MPs is turning up to weekly committee meetings, in which they discuss new legislation and present their constituents' views. George Perdikis, Green Party deputy, said yesterday: "At the Environmental Committee meeting, which happens every Thursday at noon, as few as four MPs are there at the start. By the time the meeting ends, it is sometimes just me and the Parliamentary President."

Is this a shadow parliament?

* * * *

Now you can reserve parking by SMS or through the internet

Drivers in the area covered by Nicosia Municipality will soon be able to reserve a parking-space in one of the capital’s public car-parks simply by sending a text message, or by logging on to a website. Under a new system that is ready to be implemented in the near future, a driver will just have to send a text message with the area he/she wants to park in, together with the car registration number, to the four-digit number 2020 or 2030. In return, he/she will immediately receive a text message containing the number of the parking space which will have been reserved for that particular car in one of the capital’s central public car-parks. The cost of parking will be charged to the user’s mobile phone account, while the text message will cost no more than the mobile phone service provider’s usual charge. If the parking period needs to be extended, it will only take a second text message.

And if you are late I am sure they will automatically fine you via text too.

* * * *

Whistleblower will most likely end up living abroad

Theophanis Hadjigeorgious, the man who has allegedly confessed to driving Andis Hadjicostis’s murderer to and from his home the night of January 11, is reportedly set to enter the government’s witness protection programme. The Cyprus witness protection programme has been operational for the past twelve years. “I believe this programme is successful,” said DISY deputy Ionas Nicolaou, chairman of the House Legal Affairs Committee. According to Nicolaou, witnesses either stay in Cyprus or travel abroad and are provided money for one to two years to pay for living expenses and accommodation until they find employment.

Cyprus is so huge that you can easily get lost in its 9,251 km2.

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