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Estonian Report Estonian Report
by Euro Reporter
2010-02-06 09:30:13
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Estonia shames errant fathers in cyberspace

After claims that they are failing to force absent fathers to pay child support, Estonian authorities have launched an Internet campaign to try to shame them into obeying court orders. "The aim of the public website is to motivate the absent parent to pay their debt," senior justice ministry official Marko Aavik told reporters Friday. "Everyone -- not only friends but also their colleagues -- can see that information about them now," he added. The names of 13 men were listed Friday on the page within the ministry's website, www.just.ee. The list is expected to expand over coming weeks to include hundreds more.

No news of whether a Facebook group has been created yet.

* * * * *

Tallinn Capital of Culture program suffers massive cuts

Tallinn's Capital of Culture 2011 program has had its budget slashed by 70 percent amid government efforts to reduce spending in next year's budget. All eyes in Estonia are on 2011, when the country is expected to adopt the euro and the capital, Tallinn, will be the European Capital of Culture. The state and the Tallinn municipal government were both slated to contribute 50 million kroons to the event, Eesti Paevaleht reported. The city government will now contribute 20 million kroons, while the state will offer only 10 million kroons.

Culture is always the first to suffer...

* * * * *

Estonian wanted by Nazi-hunters dies in Costa Rica

An Estonian alleged by Nazi-hunters to have murdered Jews during World War II has died in his adopted homeland Costa Rica aged 89, according to officials in the Baltic state. Harry Mannil died Monday in the Costa Rican capital San Jose, Edgar Savisaar, mayor of Estonia's capital Tallinn and a close friend, said in a statement. Savisaar paid tribute to Mannil, the godfather of his daughter, as an "outstanding expatriate Estonian businessman" and did not mention the accusations against him, dropped by Estonian prosecutors in 2005.

We shouldn't speak ill of the dead, although the law does say we can without impunity...

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