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Hungarian Report Hungarian Report
by Euro Reporter
2010-02-04 09:57:00
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Hungarians Disgruntled, New Survey Finds
"According to the latest survey of Eurobarometer, Hungarians are, after Bulgarians, the second least satisfied nationality in the EU-27 as regards their own lives and social conditions. Bulgaria scored -1.9 and Hungary -0.8 on a sliding scale of -10 to 10. The EU average was 3.2 points. The Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands were ranked at the top of the satisfaction scale. Hungarians are the least satisfied regarding state measures against poverty and the gap between rich and poor."

I am sure that the country has an appetite to improve...

* * * * *

Bosch re-locating form UK to Hungary

In the UK, 900 Bosch workers will lose their jobs when the company's plant in south Wales closes. The closure of the Vale of Glamorgan site will occur in 2011, when the German firm will transfer to Hungary. The factory, which opened in 1991 to make alternator products for cars, received £21 million in public grants from the Welsh Development Agency, to help employment prospects in the area. At its peak Bosch employed some 1,500 people. Last year, the company warned the workforce in that jobs were at risk unless demand and sales improved.

Starving for business...

* * * * *

Budapest May Earn First Michelin Star

For the first time in history, a restaurant in Hungary could earn a Michelin star. This spring at least one Budapest-based restaurant is expected to snag the most prestigious restaurant rating there is, Hungarian daily Nepszabadsag reported.

Great expectations arose after undercover Michelin Guide tasters reportedly revealed themselves after dinner at two classy Budapest restaurants, Bock Bisztro and Tigris Restaurant. This is considered a favorable, if not a telling, sign: Tasters don’t tend to reveal their identity unless they are fully satisfied with their meal, although it doesn’t guarantee star ratings.

Restaurant! Michelin stars! Hungary! The headline should have written itself!

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