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Ovi magazine's bookshelves
by The Ovi Team
2010-01-10 11:10:41
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We don’t talk very often about Ovi’s bookshelf , but is there waiting for you to download the books for free and enjoy a variety of themes and subjects for every age and interest.

One of our …resolutions for 2010 is to enrich Ovi’s bookshelves with as many books we can and perhaps add some classics that are free from rights. And of course in this work everybody is welcome; we add books of contributors or help to create books out of their work. What is very important to remember is that this books or better e-books are free to download.

The latest additions to our bookshelves are:

Jack Wellman’s, “Do Babies Go To Heaven? Why Does God Allow Suffering?”

Zul Nurain’s, “Rohingya history: Myth and Reality”

Ahmedur Rahman Farooq, “Rohingyas, Tears Down the Cheeks”

Adam Graupe's. "Bar Fight"

And from this month we start our cooperation with Artie Knapp to bring you all his stories all covered with Artie Knapp’s unique illustrations and we start with:

the_lazy_loppin_goat_400_01The Shell Shocked Turtle

There's a Crocodile in Our Pickle Jar

The Wasp and the Canary

The Lazy Loppin Goat

No More Car Wash Blues

The Rooster that wouldn't Crow

And soon there are more to come!

Please, visit out bookshelves and …enjoy!

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