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January 2010 Choices January 2010 Choices
by The Ovi Team
2010-01-01 10:07:09
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For the first month of 2010 our choices for blog, site and photo of the month, are:

Site of the month: Bizarre magazine

Bizarre Magazine UK, your complete guide to worlds most bizarre videos, fetish, alt girls, weird pictures, sexy videos, tattoos, sexy girls, human oddities & freaks.


For more interesting links, toy can check, HERE!


Blog of the month: Rotten Tomatoes

According to its writers, The Ultimate Movie Reaction Site! A blog all about cinema and movies with movie trailers, movie reviews and all new movie previews.




For more interesting Blogs, try HERE!


Photo of the Month: Ducks …allowed




A photo from Krot

And if you want to check more from Ovi's photo-album, check HERE!


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