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Iranian fires
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-12-29 09:04:44
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Iran is on fire and I don’t think anybody was surprised. The clashes are centred in Teheran but it won’t take long until the fire expands to all Iran; with big fires it happens especially when the ground is ready for it, a lot of dry wood and materials. And the problem with those fires is that the water is not enough to put them down. You must let them do their cycle.

Making its cycle is anything that is not in the Mullahs’ mind this moment, on the contrary they wish the fires never existed, they pretend that they never happen and they are trying to put them down using force! The number of dead in the demonstrations the last week in Teheran is really unknown, the number of the wounded and the numbers of arrested uncountable. The opposition is in the streets and mullah dictators of Iran are using weapons to hold them.

Apparently the police is saying that they are not responsible for the deaths blaming the wrong timing or accidents. According to the Iranian police one had fallen from a bridge, two in a car accident and one was running against an accidentally shot bullet! In all cases the victims were responsible. According the Iranian police of course.  Ahmadinejad of course is nowhere in the news lately, the cleric dictators’ puppet who couldn’t shut his mouth is nowhere to found nowadays.

The police announced that last Sunday they arrested over 300 demonstrators. And of course when in a regime like the Iranian the police announces 300 you can easily imagine that the arrested were over a thousand and another number arrested from the secret police or the usual fascist paramilitary troop ups mujahedeen I meant!

The situation for the Teheran regime has worsen and is getting worst day after day, every dead, even the ones who died in traffic accident are going to add in a long list of martyrs and every new dead is going to be another nails on the regime’s coffin. The world in the past met with similar regimes their strong oppositions and similar clashes and somehow the managed to control the rebellions it is just that today we live in a totally different world from then. Today we live in the era of immediate information. Every murder of a demonstrator minutes after is online news from one of the Iranian bloggers. Every violent act from the police is photographed by a miniature camera or a mobile telephone and in minutes it makes the round of the world. In hours is front page in all the international news agencies and the Iranian government has to answer to the international community.

The Iranian government the last few days tries hard to control the information that is coming out of the country in vein. Actually the Iranian government finds it hard to control anything and I’m sure that the next that is coming is the financial collapse of the state as it usually happens with more demonstrations and perhaps more violent clashes. Let’s hope that the number of dead from traffic accidents will not increase dramatically in Teheran.

The international community cannot do much apart of continue the diplomatic pressure and the isolation of the regime without hurting the people of Iran and wait to help actively when the time comes. And hope that the time will come quickly.

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Emanuel Paparella2009-12-29 11:22:17
As president Obama said in Oslo in recieving the Nobel Prize and again reiterated yesterday, the present government of Iran fears its own people more than foreign nations's condemnation. It is apparent for some time now. The only question now is this: how much more blood will have to be spilled before the final reckoning arrives? And arrive it will. Let's hope that those politicians who contnue to counsel patience and accomodation with bullies and tyrannical dictators show a modicum of moral courage and imagination, for we have been underwelmed by its lack in the public square.

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