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German report German report
by Euro Reporter
2009-12-27 11:17:31
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German environment minister blames China, US for climate stalemate

German Environment Minister Norbert Roettgen told the news magazine Der Spiegel that the Chinese were not concerned about climate protection but instead about hindering the process. He also said that in the United States, the political elite had not succeeded in winning support for climate protection.

The comments come amid the backdrop of criticism levelled by the German government over the attitude of countries like the US and China following the disappointing outcome at the United Nations Climate Summit in Copenhagen earlier this month. The climate conference of 193 countries agreed merely to "take note" of a new Copenhagen Accord to fight global climate change, after two weeks of talks in the Danish capital. The accord is not legally binding, and does not commit countries to agree a binding successor to the Kyoto Protocol.

Referring to US President Barack Obama and the Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao in particular, the German minister said they had settled for the lowest common denominator. China does not want to lead and the United States cannot lead,” Roettgen, who belongs to Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Party, said.

He said the "low point" of the climate talks came when China failed to accept a unilateral offer by industrialized countries to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 80 percent by 2050. Lashing out at the US, Roettgen told the magazine "they only want cheap money for consumption, and do not want to limit their CO2 emissions."


Union boss accuses Deutsche Bahn of playing on job-cut fears

The chairman of railway union Transnet Alexander Kirchner accused railway operator Deutsche Bahn of playing on the fears of its employees by threatening job cuts. "I can't understand these announcements," he told the press. "DB is the only railway company in Europe that is still in the black."

The company threatened job cuts earlier this year after citing the drastic reduction of freight transport following the financial crisis.  But Kirchner said that the age structure and demographic development of DB's workforce was more likely to lead to understaffing in the next decade. "We're already seeing the problem that the company is completely undermanned in certain areas," he said. Kirchner advised the new DB boss Rüdiger Grube as to how he should go about reducing the company's €15 billion debts. "Instead of cutting jobs, he should work together with the government to put more traffic on the railways," he said, before adding that a further €6 billion were needed in the coming years for new trains.

The Transnet boss, who is also a DB board member, downplayed notions that the company would go public soon. "Going public is not under discussion at the moment," he said.  German Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer recently announced a new billion-euro programme for re-investing in the railways. Kirchner welcomed the plan. "He just needs to say how it will be financed," he warned. "A road charge for trucks would be a way of doing it."


New Nietzsche book

The latest edition of the "Nietzsche Encyclopaedia," written and researched by around 150 academics from various disciplines, claims to show how Nietzsche's sister, Nazi supporter Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche, had a much more extensive influence on the published texts than has previously been assumed. The book's publisher, Dresden-based social pedagogue Christian Niemeyer, told news agency DDP that the nineteenth century German philosopher, often considered the grandfather of Nazi ideology, was the victim of "the most insidious falsification scandal in editing history."

The new research proves in detail, Niemeyer says, "that the biggest falsifications were not limited to Nietzsche's posthumously published work The Will to Power; one can prove that even the works that Nietzsche released to the printers himself were substantially distorted by his sister." Niemeyer believes that the new research calls for a reassessment of the political views of the philosopher. "His sister Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche's falsifications are certainly largely responsible for the fact that Nietzsche was considered a forerunner to Nazi ideology in the whole of communist Europe," he said.

Niemeyer also claimed that Nietzsche's sister had fabricated letters and anecdotes in which Nietzsche apparently commented on racial hygiene and the work of race theorist Arthur de Gobineau. It is well-known that Förster-Nietzsche, a National Socialist supporter whose Nietzsche Archive received financial support from Hitler's regime, took liberties with the texts she published after her brother's death.  "The encyclopaedia now documents the extent of her alterations, some of which were made while the philosopher was still alive, though already mentally deranged, and they mostly had catastrophic consequences," Niemeyer said.

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Emanuel Paparella2009-12-27 12:57:27
A footnote on Nietzsche: he reveled our age for what it was: an age whose gods were power, sex and the economy amd therefore it makes sense that his anti-semitic sister and others of a similar mind-set would attempt to transform him from critic of that obsessive and sick view of reality to its promoter and supporter. The unfortunate phenomenon goes on as we speak and Nietzsche together with Michelangelo must be turning in their grave...

ap2009-12-27 22:47:51
Do you think they get along well, there where they are? I wouldn't imagine so...

Emanuel Paparella2009-12-28 08:01:48

They must be discussing how poorly served they have been by the bias and detractions of the modern media parading as journalism in search of truth, but in the final analysis interested in reporting the gossip about celebrities and historically significant figures, and not even truthfully at that. Michelangelo actually fared much better than Nietzsche did at the hands of his publisher sister; he, as a poet in his own right at least had a very meaningful and appreciative relationship with the first woman poet of Italy: Vittoria Colonna who wrote some wonderful sonnets to him and about him and would have treated with utter contempt the assessments about Michelangelo of today’s shallow "enlightened" media.

For more on this issue open above link to The Guardian.

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