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So much porn
by Mickey Hotlove
Issue 12
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Every day, she looks at thousands of hosted galleries with softcore and hardcore pictures. Her hard drive is full of smut, no matter how hard she cleans it. And somehow she doesn't seem to get tired of all the porn.

"She" is known as the WebMistress, the one who posts most often on Belgium's most popular website about porn: www.wilt.be . The WebMistress was there right from the start, in April 2004. And although the other contributors come and go, she's still around to post news about sex, links to new porn-related websites and reviews of erotic art online. Judging from the mails she gets, most wilt.be visitors like to see her as some kind of a dominatrix, clad in black leather from head to toe. She thinks these mails are funny, and replies to all of them. Not often friendly, though. She doesn't need to be.

She clearly isn't doing it to get attention from submissive admirers. But what is driving her then? The money, of course. She saw Danni from Danni's hard drive at a conference years ago, and heard her say: "My business was profitable from day one." She also heard about porn being the number one business on the internet. And she noticed that new technologies, like using SMS services for micropayment, or using Flashcom servers to link IVR systems to live video of webcam girls, were always tried out first in the online adult industry.

And yes, the porn got harder and harder. The first half year, Wilt.be only posted links to "softcore" sites, and put all the money-making hardcore stuff in a separate section of the site. But after a while, soft and hard kind of blended. And although videos of people fucking each other in every possible body orifice rarely shocked her, she started to see who the big names were. After Jenna Jameson, things got a lot easier for porn stars. So you had to try and see the difference between a nice young woman who was spreading her legs before the camera, and the next Jenna Jameson. Or Aria Giovanni. Or Luba Shumeiko.

Because big names make people click. And quality productions make people buy. Although "amateur" is a popular genre, and "gonzo" porn films are the equivalent of reality television, a bad production makes everyone nervous. You can see it from the first frame if the photographer or director was a professional, or just a pervert with a camera. That's why WebMistress only has to look at trailers for porn movies to know. And she'll only look long enough at a photo gallery of some model's nude pictures to grab a picture for the thumbnail that goes with every post on Wilt.be .

Where does she draw the line? It used to be "personal taste", but since tastes differ, she changed it into "as long as it's well-made AND legal". Which means: no depictions of sex with people who are too young, too drugged or too scared to actually approve being filmed or photographed while getting fucked. And no animals of course, since hoofs or paws are unfit to sign a porn contract.

Does she ever get excited herself, you might wonder? Of course she does. She is, after all, only human. Although most of the time it happens by accident. In the middle of all the smut, she'll stumble upon a gem of well-made porn, building up tension so slowly that even she finds herself gazing at the page, or putting the windows media in an infinite loop until she's satisfied.

And when she gets tired of it all, she quits for a few days. But porn is everywhere: it's in her news feeds, people mail it to her, there are "submissions" by wilt.be community members. So she takes care of it. It's what she does. She's the WebMistress. I don't think she'll ever get tired of it.


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