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Austrian report Austrian report
by Euro Reporter
2009-12-03 07:38:30
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Democracy test for immigrants

The Freedom party has doubts about the right mindset of immigrants about democracy. A “democracy test” should be the right answer to such development and remove all doubts. Especially if someone, who came from a foreign country, wants to receive a sponsored flat, the successful result of such kind of test should be the suitable qualification for the benefit. “Someone who desires a sponsored flat from the government, must possess impeccable manners in relation to our democracy”, says the Upper Austrian council for residential building who is also a member of the Freedom party.

The politician confirms talks with concerning residential building companionships, and his great dream that “no integration reluctant person should receive a sponsored flat” in his sphere of influence. Politicians of other parties are not so happy about that plan. A fraction chairman of the Peoples party labels the idea of the Freedom party as “expression of awkwardness.” Social democrats characterize it as “cheap propaganda”. The Greens locate an “exclusion”, and the integration office called “Mosaik” fears “very big problems”, if this regulation becomes reality.

The only party, besides the Freedom party, who can find something positive in the controversial arrangement is the Orange party also known as “BZÖ”. BZÖ social spokeswoman and sister of Jörg Haider Ursula Haubner said that “such a democracy test would be useful and necessary.”

And what’s next? Urine test?


Traditional family

The official illustration of a traditional family in Tirol’s public space makes Greens and Social democrats furious. A green deputy claims that such a picture conveys values of the last millennium.

“The picture shows that men decide and women care. But also men can care and women can decide”, explains the female politician of the Greens her anger. Also Social democrats disagree with the illustration of a traditional family. “This kind of family is just an old stereotype”, says the Social democratic vice president of the state parliament in Tirol Gabi Schließling.

The province of Tirol paid 200.000 Euro for the campaign. Responsible was a politician of the Peoples party. He explains that “he just wanted to show what seems to be natural.”

Let me see, after the urine test a family photo?


Trains without alcohol

Sunday, the 13th December is going to be the magic day when it’s not allowed anymore to enjoy alcoholic beverages in all local trains of Vorarlberg. Just why Vorarlberg? Because it’s a manageable province, explains a spokesman of the Austrian Federal Railway.
If a person does not respect the new law, the unlucky transgressor will be thrown out of the train. But the guards will do their job with an instinctive feeling, promises the federal railway. Placards should remind the passengers to avoid a violation.

The main reason for such a regulation is the problem with drunken teenagers who consistently attack passengers.

Wagons without hic-cops!

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