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Words in Writings
by David Barger
2009-12-17 07:41:12
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I was in love with the idea of love,

And once the veil of reality was lifted

I realized such reckoning was absolute

   When cuddling the idea.

I became intimate with the concept of love

Where an image grew from words in writings,

And the seeds of this image increased

   Uncontrollably out of proportion.

I became obsessed with a painting of love

Where every stroke had a purpose,

   Where every line was precise,

And every color was perfect.

Details were specifically placed

Where they had been percolating

   From the flavors of fantasy,

And pure imagination.

I became drawn to this image, this idea,

Which now flourished in my thoughts,

   And in-so-doing betrayed myself

By the mirrored reflections of a dream;

With all of its beauty and radiant colors

Shimmering and shining

   I became content by what I would embrace

In the end to be merely an idea of falsehood

Lingering in perfume of promises.

I replaced this painting

   With an abstract clutter bound in frame

Though the idea itself

I may never be able to entirely refuse. 


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David Barger2009-12-17 18:12:44
Just to set everyone's mind at ease, this poem is written before the time I met my wife - who is the love of my life. Before her love seemed to be a notion rather than a real living feeling, and that is without exception for family but in the whole concept of loving someone outside the bounds of relatives or in better perspective to have someone love you in return. If that makes any sense?

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