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An Impositioning Juxtapositioning
by Leah Sellers
2009-11-18 08:01:52
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Once upon a time in the Great State of Texas, in the Heartland of the United States of America, there lived two Human Beings. A Man and a Woman. A Military Man and a Teacher-Artist.

One day, the Military Man, Nidal Malak Hasan, for a myriad of Reasons (and UnReasonings) got fed up with his Life in the military.  His Life in America. He decided to go on a killing rampage at Fort Hood, in Kill-een, Texas. He took a gun and shot several people, wounding them all, and extinguishing the precious - the sacred Lives of thirteen adults and an unborn Child. All Sons and Daughters of grief stricken and confounded Fathers and Mothers.
Mr. Hasan, himself, was seriously wounded by a policewoman heroically performing her duty. Mr. Hasan critically shot her as well.
Due to the Outcomes of Mr. Hasan’s actions of destructive individual and social nihilism he was rushed to an American hospital where he immediately received excellent medical care which saved his Life. A Life he had so willingly Chosen to give away as he murdered - as he annihilated the Lives of Others.
You see, Mr. Hasan’s Life - his Health and Well Being are covered and protected by the military’s comprehensive Insurance plan.

In Juxtaposition -

One day, the Teacher-Artist, Leah Sellers, while serving the needs of her Special Needs students, had her back, left hip and leg seriously injured in an accident caused by one of her deaf and blind MR high school students. While participating in gym class, the young man (her student) lost his balance and fell on top of Ms. Sellers while her back was twisted at an odd angle. It was not his fault. It was not her fault. It was simply an accident.

However, Ms. Sellers' Life was radically altered that day. A Woman, a Teacher, an Artist, who, before her student injured her, used to ride horses, work in equine therapy programs with troubled and handicapped youth, carve and paint archetypal furniture and large wall murals, perform on stage, kayak, bike and hike wilderness trails. But now, is being unethically and unnecessarily held captive and being forced to live the limited Daily Life of a pain ridden cripple.
She is being denied the spinal fusion the State Designated Doctor (and her own doctors) recommend for her healing and recovery by an Insurance Company.
An Insurance Company whose well paid lobbyists and lawyers, over time, created a dysfunctional Worker’s Compensation System rigged antagonistically against all injured Workers. The Patients have been made Litigants.

A System originally created for  Ethical Healing has become a Debacle and undermining Spectacle of Wheeling and Dealing.

So, no effectively proper, expedient, quality Healthcare remedies have been readily available to Ms. Sellers, the Teacher-Artist, for almost three years, to date. Instead, she has spent the majority of her Time and Energies in one litigious hearing after another fighting for her Health - her Just and Humane Care.
Did Mr. Hasan, the Military Man, the Murderer, have to attend hearings as a Litigant before he became a Patient ? No. After deliberately shooting and killing his many victims this past week, Mr. Hasan, was rushed to a hospital for proper, quality HealthCare.
Despite his crimes, Mr. Hasan has been treated humanely and justly by the American HealthCare System.
Despite her service to her students and her community, Ms. Sellers, has been treated inhumanely and unjustly by the American HealthCare System.
Mr. Hasan, has good Insurance coverage. Ms. Sellers does not.
Where do Humanity and Justice begin and end within these juxtapositioned situations?
Thus, is this tale a conundrum of Impositioning Juxtapositioning. Patient to Litigant. Litigant to Patient. The two roles are interchangeable in American HealthCare.
Go Figure !

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Emanuel Paparella2009-11-18 10:23:32
That is a juxtaposition worth pondering! Indeed Leah, in the great state of Texas with resurgent leaning to independence withing the great United States of America, those insurance companies and special interests who have turned health and welfare into a business pure and simple interested only in profits, aided and abetted by unconscionable Republican lawmakers, are now attempting to derail, via lobbyists and negative advertising against a public health plan (costing them million of dollars a day) the Health Bill advocated by the Obama administration, and to hell with social justice. They cavalierly think of themselves as true patriots. Indeed, there are crimes and then there are crimes. Those of some of our lawmakers politicians make those of the Mafia look like a picnic in comparison.

Emanuel Paparella2009-11-18 10:27:02
Errata: within.

P.S. Enter Sarah Pelin; and the great Punch and Judy show on the stages of Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck goes on...

Thanos2009-11-18 12:40:27
It always amazes me how unfair the system can be in its ...fairness!!!

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