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Austrian report Austrian report
by Euro Reporter
2009-11-13 07:33:15
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Confusion in the Austrian parliament

A politician of the Peoples Party criticized a decision in a very emotional way. The bizarre thing about it? It was his own decision which he made only one day before.

The federal whip of the Social democrats is horrified about the doubtful behaviour of his coalition partner. He said that “there is no sobriety, integrity and no reliability either, if a party whip criticizes his own decision.”

The controversy is part of the new postal market law. The member of the Peoples Party was angry about some certain parts of the law and demanded to change that, but the whole thing he is angry about was his own idea.


Tolerance price for intolerant actress

A famous Austrian actress received the tolerance price of the book trade for her “tolerance in thinking and acting.” But in her acceptance speech she declared that she is not tolerant to everything. She won’t show any tolerance to fundamentalism and Mr. Strache, the leader of the Freedom party, she said.
The actress continued that she is either not tolerant to factory farming, animal testing, too much profit acceleration, xenophobia, and if someone wants to cut a tree in her neighbourhood. If someone shows up with such kind of ideas, she is going to become a termagant, she confessed.

Vienna’s city councillor in charge of cultural affairs said that “she is a very special personality for that price.” Austria’s culture secretary of the Social democrats explained that “the principle for her life was the dialogue, and her road of life characterized by a permanent emancipation.”

The tolerance price of the Austrian book trade for thinking and acting exists since 1990. Previous prize winners are Milo Dor, Viktor Frankl, Inge Merkel, cardinal Franz König, Gerhard Roth, Simon Wiesenthal, Hugo Portisch, H. C. Artmann, Christine Nöstlinger, Sir Peter Ustinov, Josef Haslinger, Karl Markus Gauß, Ilse Aichinger, Konrad Paul Liessmann, Erich Hackl, Barbara Frischmuth, Klaus Wagenbach, Martin Pollack and Paul Lendvai.


Hitler’s birth house

Currently a passionate discussion is going on in the Upper Austrian border town Braunau, which is also known as the birthplace of Adolf Hitler. The reason can be found in the lodger of Hitler’s birth house. He is going to move out next year, and there will be an empty building.

Now the mayor, who is a member of the Social democrats, thinks what to do with the house. His biggest wish would be to buy the whole building from the private owner, but the cash boxes of the town are empty. There would a concrete concept for the house in the drawer of the mayor. Now the Social democratic politician hopes for some financial support from the provincial government and the federal government.

Media report about a social project which should move in. Also an historical workup is possible if a proper funding is secured. The historical workup should include Hitler’s time in Braunau or the liberation of Braunau by American soldiers. But the birth house of Adolf Hitler shouldn’t be turned into a museum. “This is a taboo”, explains the mayor.

The town on the border to Germany already has a problem with a shop which sells clothes with politically incorrect messages and symbols. There might be the apprehension that there could be another shop of this kind in the historical burdened building, if a private investor is going to buy it.


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