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Iran's Turkish advocate
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-10-27 07:31:36
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Living in a world where everybody’s acts are questionable and their motives suspicious it makes you wander how suddenly Turkey decided to becomes Iran’s advocate regarding the plans of the dictatorial regime for a nuclear future whatever that might means. And it is a wander turkey’s prime minster Recep Tayyip Erdogan to attack USA and EU while UN’s nuclear watchdog continues inspections in Iran’s nuclear facilities. Apparently too many coincidences don’t make a huge coincidence but a lot of suspicions!

The Turkish prime minster added or better emphasized that any military strike against Iran it will be crazy, that’s the exact word he used adding that the countries that object Iran’s right to build a nuclear arsenal including the members of the Security Council, posses one themselves! So let me see, Mr. Erdogan is actually telling us that we are all right in our assumption that Iran is not only planning to build a peaceful nuclear energy plan – as they insist themselves - but also a nuclear arsenal, thank you Mr. Erdogan!

But what’s all that with Erdogan and who hired him as advocate? In a very unique way Turkey has more similarities with Iran than differences and perhaps the Turkish state should think about it seriously and build a partnership with Iran instead of trying desperately to find a future in EU. Except the cultural and religious similarities Turkey and Iran share this special interest in the economic and strategic future of the region. Both countries suppress criminally minorities and both countries are ruled from a shadow state behind the curtains of a democratic or republic front. We must admit that Turks are doing a better job into hiding their reality to the world and Mr. Erdogan holds their only hope to make this hope reality.

Both Turkey and Iran have the Kurdish problem wishing that it would vanish with some magic way – not that they both haven’t tried not with magic but with machine guns often reaching the limits of genocide – and both states would like to have a bite on their neighbours, east west north and south. The Kurdish problem is not so simple and in the future if they are not careful it might coast them a new state in their boarders with huge pieces from both countries. And this is where the economic motivation enters because except their fight for independence the Kurds have access to a gold mine or better an oil field in the north part of Iraq that will be included in a future Kurdish Republic. And both countries would like to have these oil fields. The Turks have already started their usual provocations using a tiny minority that lives in North Iraq, the Turkmen and Iran …well Iran has always the religion as major weapon for all its provocations.

But why using Iran to attack USA and EU? You see again you can avoid looking for the motivation behind Erdogan’s words. Perhaps it is a warning. The Turkish foreign policy hasn’t changed much since the time of the Ottoman Empire acting often like a spoiled kid that when things don’t go their way, they start threatening to do exactly the opposite and after the end of the cold war Turkey lost its importance to the west. If you add to that the financial crisis, turkey stopped getting the endless and secret funds they were receiving for decades. Especially after the events with their negative answer to the US army when they wanted to use the Turkish bases on their way to Iraq American policy towards Turkey changed and became more reserved, more sceptical. The EU from the other side lost its enthusiasm for a Turkish membership and the rejections came one after the other including some public rejections expressed with referendums that coasted a lot of delays to the plans of a European constitution. So Turkey acts as they have learn to act for centuries, like a bully, a spoiled kid that can understand that times have changed. 

Of course there is another explanation, the Turkish public is not exactly USA friendly the last few years and they are ready to support anybody who’s opposes the Americans and the Europeans. So Erdogan is doing nothing else than keeping his internal front quiet with some tirades about friendship with our Muslim brothers! But I’m afraid that doesn’t look likely especially in one so serious matter. The other scary explanation is that Turkey and its shadow government, the army feel envy to Iran and they are hoping that Iran will open the way for a Turkey with a nuclear arsenal. After all the Turks have already tried something like that with Pakistan a few years ago. That will definitely open Pandora’s Box in the region and it will give EU a lot to worry about. We should never forget that Turkey occupies European Union’s land and doesn’t recognize an EU full member! That’s about democratic Turkey and its advocacy to democratic …Iran!


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Emanuel Paparella2009-10-27 12:09:24
Lincoln used to say that the best way he could think of to control his enemies was to make them his friends by appointing them as ministers to his cabinet and thus keeping them close to him and knowing at all times what they were up to. Pari passu, the question arises: could not a Turkey in the EU to serve as a sort of bridge between the two continents, which its 3% of land on the European continent represents, be better controlled than a Turkey allied with the ideological fanatics of the Moslem world? Would not the inclusion of Turkey be a sign of democracy’s inclusiveness and tolerance to the rest of the world? (continued below)

Emanuel Paparella2009-10-27 12:10:19
If I understand it correctly, what the above commentary on EU Turkish relations seems to be saying is that the best way to deal with Turkey is to shut it out permanently from EU candidacy, despite the fact that 3% of its territory is on the European continent, which logically means geography is not the only criterion for EU membership. And indeed it ought not be, if one understands Europe as an idea more than a geographical location. By this same logic, would not the EU be misguided to alienate Turkey or perhaps go to war against it to recover the 3% of its territory on the European continent, just as it would be misguided to go to war against Russia to recover the territory Russia occupies on the European continent, given that Russia is a nuclear power? If there is a pandora’s box full of troubles it is exactly that of making EU candidacy and membership a mere geographical issue, because then both Turkey and Russia could rightfully claim a place in the EU. I am afraid that the criteria for membership ought to be pondered a bit more carefully, especially by the anti-democratic bureaucrats and midget politicians parading as statesmen who presently control policy in the EU, for they are the same ones who have produced a document that parades as a visionary constitution (the so called treaty of Lisbon) but is only a banal economic treaty oblivious of the genuine heritage of Europe.

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