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Roaming Shadows
by David Barger
2009-11-02 07:55:33
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Opened door into an untouched room
In the house outside of town.
He walks inside and looks around
Calling a familiar name among
Darkened corners
Throughout each steps taken.

His hand dusts off old cobwebs
From a picture bound in frame.
Taken back by memories
Shackled by new guilt and shame.

Creaking motions underneath his feet
A sounding voice wanting to be known.
Winds murmur throughout every crack
And broken-down unbarring walls.
Moonlight shines where shingles worn
To allow such light encasing the floor,
And he recalls the nights with her
As endless pain to an unhealed sore.

A tear builds only then to fall
Running along his bristled cheek.
He places the picture back on its stand
And wonders where time has gone.
With hand on banister he walks the stairs
Towards his lovers vacant room,
And crosses in where pleasure met
The underlines of love in bloom.

The bed where two entangled flames
Burned with passion
Now covered in thickened dust.
A light through eastern window falls
Upon the edges of her dresser wall.                                                                                                
Dropping to his knees, he sighs
Being filled with all this loneliness,
And thinking to a place and time
When life was fully wrapped in bliss.

A whisper touches on his ear
As someone calling out his name.
Turning about to where she stands
Her beauty outlined by the dark.
He reaches out, she pulls him in
Until they’re standing face to face;
Lips caress forbidden kiss
As both are lost in love’s embrace.

His eyes, they open, now she is gone
Vanished with a trace of mist.
His steps descend upon the stairs
Where heartache leaps with each rhythm bound.

Standing underneath the night
His figure shines with face so pale,
And he removes that one lone sign
Which reads aloud this house for sale.

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