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The price in treasured gifts
by David Barger
2009-10-26 08:05:59
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Poseidon bestowed a gift
Unto Minos, King of Crete,
And asked only that when the time
Came, to remember him through
A token of sacrificing this perfect bull.
The King’s advisor whispered,
There is not a bull found in all of Crete
As is this one, my lord.
What a treasure you have been given
From the sea god himself!
This seed had found solid ground
From which to grow,
And grow it did.
Minos would only sacrifice his word
And not his prized snow-white bull to Poseidon.
The sea god was enraged by this treachery,
But revenge is best drawn out
Like a thread from its spool.

Minos gave his entire love
To Pasiphae, his wife,
And Poseidon knew this…
What arsenal lay before his feet!
The enduring pain of betrayal
Could only be struck
At the heart of the matter.
Invisibility is a fine tool to own,
And Poseidon took full advantage
Of this when luring words
Into the ears of Pasiphae
Encouraging her to know
That there is no sweeter love given
Than from a snow-white bull.                                                                                 
Within a week she was wearing
The veil of deceit
Which had worn comfortably
Upon her mind,
And sought out this insatiable love.
With every advance she made
The bull was repelled by her presence.
Ever heard the saying
What you cannot have
Is the same you long for?
And each passing day
Her hunger grew, and grew, and grew.

One night Pasiphae waited until
Her husband fell under sleep’s embrace
Then walked the steps leading to Daedalus,
The leading craftsman of Crete,
And pleaded unto him for his help
In love I have found no rest to speak of.
My thirst is unbearable,
And there is only one who can lift
The drought from mine lips and heart,
But his eyes turn away from me!
I need a mask to hide my body
In the form of his desire.
Daedalus puzzled by her request
Asked, Who is this blinded fellow, my Queen?
She stood there quivering with her response,
The snow-white bull.
Daedalus fanned the flames of his oven
Grabbing his hammer and some raw iron.
As you wish, my Queen,
So will it be done!
The device was placed into the field
As the following sun sank
Below the calmed sea. 
Pasiphae fell between shadows
Leading into the field,
And climbed inside the crude
Shell of a man-made cow.
Her legs parted in wait
As the snow-white bull became curious,                                                                                   
And finally gave to wanting this new creature.
Pasiphae was pleasured
By her accompanied screams
Being cuffed by the hands of the sea god
While he watched and smiled
At his redeemed payment in full.
From this affair, an unholy union,
Came a child
Whose body was sculpted in human fashion,
But it was graced with the head and tail
Of its father…
Attached with a hunger for flesh,
Human flesh.
And Minos ended up having a stepson
Unlike any other in all of Crete;
A gift given to him from Poseidon
In the form of
The Minotaur.

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Emanuel Paparella2009-10-26 09:51:09
Ah, the enduring fascination and mystery of myth which reveal more of reality than many a scientific dissertations...

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