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Italian report Italian report
by Euro Reporter
2009-10-25 09:57:26
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Blackmailing Marrazzo

Film of the Lazio region’s president Piero Marrazzo in a moment of intimacy, an 80,000-euro payment not to circulate the tape and the arrest of four Carabinieri officers in Rome. These are the key elements in an investigation unintentionally triggered by electronic eavesdropping in connection with another case which led to Mr Marrazzo’s questioning and the subsequent arrests.

The four officers, referred to as “bad apples” by the provincial commander, Vittorio Tomasone, are alleged to have demanded 80,000 Euros from Piero Marrazzo not to circulate a videotape that portrays him in a moment of intimacy. The money is variously thought to have been paid in four instalments or with a single cheque but Mr Marrazzo firmly denies making any payments. Early disclosures suggest that Mr Marrazzo was filmed in the apartment of a woman with whom he was associating and whom he is believed to have seen on several other occasions. “Attempted blackmail based on a falsehood has been thwarted. I am disappointed and concerned at this attempt, a few months before the election, to discredit Marrazzo the man in order to attack Marrazzo the president”, Mr Marrazzo said. “I thank magistrates and the Carabinieri for their responsible conduct”.

These were really …bad apples!


Mafia Negotiation

Final sentences at the mass Mafia trial in Palermo were handed down in January 1992, triggering Totò Riina’s campaign of vengeance against Italian institutions. Salvo Lima was assassinated in March; in May, Giovanni Falcone was blown up. After the Capace bombing that killed Falcone, revocation of the verdict confirmed by the Court of Cassation topped the list of demands to be met if the Mafia were to end the wave of terrorism.

Review of mass trial sentence” is the first item on the “papello”, the list of demands held by Vito Cancimino, the Corleone-born former mayor of Palermo. Ciancimino handed it over to Colonel Mario Mori and Captain Giuseppe De Donno, Carbinieri officers from the ROS special operations group, who questioned him to gain information about Mafiosi on the run. That, at least, is the two officers’ version. According to Vito Ciancimino’s son Massimo, the main witness in the case, the Carabinieri officers had embarked on what amounted to negotiations with his father after the Capaci bombing and before the Via D’Amelio murders in which Paolo Borsellino died on 19 July 1992. This is another point on which versions diverge, and one of the key elements in the investigation under way some 17 years after the events. To back up his claims, Massimo Ciancimino recently delivered a photocopy of the notorious “papello” to public prosecutors in Palermo.

Don Corleone was there?


Italian press says Tremonti quitting but report denied

Italian newspapers said on Friday that Economy Minister Giulio Tremonti was considering resigning over Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's surprise announcement of tax cuts, but a source close to Tremonti said he would not quit.Il Giornale, owned by Berlusconi's family, and best-selling Corriere della Sera ran front-page stories saying Tremonti, the leading advocate of budget discipline in the cabinet, was taken unaware by Thursday's decision to scrap a regional business tax.

Corriere saidd Tremonti had demanded an explanation and that a showdown with Berlusconi was expected at Friday's cabinet meeting, to be held after the conservative premier returns from a visit to Russia. 'Il Cavaliere (Berlusconi) is determined to lower taxes but the Economy Minister won't let go. A resignation is in the air,' read the headline of a front page story by Il Giornale. 'However, his resignation would be a mistake.' But a source close to Tremonti denied the reports.


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