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Austrian report Austrian report
by Euro Reporter
2009-10-12 07:34:12
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Priest flooded with e-mail requests for pet blessings

Austrian priest Franz Zeiger is getting hundreds of e-mails from pet owners around the world, as he said he is the world's only Catholic cleric offering virtual blessings for critters on World Animal Day. Word has spread on the internet that the priest would put up all the photos of dogs, cats and other pets on a wall in his church in Linz on Sunday and bless them, the priest said Friday.

"At the moment, the computer system has crashed because it simply became too much," said Zeiger, 47, who gets up two hours earlier than usual these days to send personal answers to each and every pet owner. The priest has received e-mails from as far as Kenia, Australia and New Zealand. "Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity to have my fur babies blessed," a Louisiana woman wrote on behalf of her cats Blob and Stripes and her dog Buster. Zeiler says he asks for God's grace for the animals because they are an essential part of Creation.
A blessing in four legs!


Massive grievances in the psychiatry of Vienna

The Green party locates massive grievances in the psychiatry of Vienna again. 6 months ago the investigation committee of Vienna’s local council finished the last investigations. Now the Greens think that “old mistakes are done again”. The main reproach is the suspicion that mentally disturbed patients have to live isolated in special buildings. Green politician Sigrid Pilz: “This means stigmatisation and exclusion and does not guarantee an integrative attempt.” Pilz was also talking about the bad concept of the Narrenturm (tower of fools).

Another point of critics is the use of inhuman spatial restrictions. Beds with nets and belts are used, and all compartments are completely open. The Peoples party agrees in the critics of the Green party. The guilty ones are quick off the mark: Social democrats. Ingrid Korosec of the Peoples party claims that the ruling Social democrats have “deaf ears” in that matter.

Vienna’s Social democrats are not able to understand the critics. Councilwoman Sonja Ramskogler answered to all the moaners: “The manner of expression of the Greens makes it crystal clear that the continual controversy with this kind of issue could not be flatter.”

Remembered …something?


Muslim girls and women with problems in Austria

Austria’s Broadcasting Corporation reports that girls and women with a religious preference to the Islam have massive problems in Austria. Few days ago a Muslim schoolgirl was attacked by two schoolmates, which tried to set her on fire with a lighter. Now Muslim associations in Austria claim that such kinds of encroachments are no individual cases. Muslim women have to suffer sneer and discriminations day in, day out. Roswitha Al Hussein is the spokeswoman of the female Muslim club called “SOMM”. She said that the case of the Muslim schoolgirl in Styria is extraordinary savage, but also psychological violations, which Muslim women in Austria has to accept day by day, are also quite bad.

“Teachers think that such things are just a dalliance but it’s bullying”, said Mrs Al Hussein. The spokeswoman claims that there is not enough support for Muslim schoolgirls from teachers. “Sometimes nasty boys pull on the headscarves of the girls, and tell them that they should remove it”, said Al Hussein. Especially in times of election campaigns the situation is becoming worse. People think that it’s socially acceptable to criticize Muslims in public, explains Roswitha Al Hussein. She hopes that there is more support for Muslims in the future. The two girls who wanted to set their Muslim classmate on fire were sent off from school. They did not want to apologize for their offence.


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