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Irish report Irish report
by Euro Reporter
2009-10-10 09:32:00
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Include loyalist killers’ families

Gerry Adams has said the families of dead loyalist killers behind some of the most heinous murders of Catholics “deserve acknowledgement” and should receive a £12,000 payment. He made the remark after revealing that his party backs the idea of giving the money to the next-of-kin of every victim of the Troubles. The recommendation by the Consultative Group on the Past has since been rejected by Secretary of State Shaun Woodward. Had it been approved, the money would have been paid to the families of every one of the 3,720 people who died because of the conflict, regardless of the circumstances of those deaths.

Controversially that would also have included notorious killers such as Shankill Butcher Lenny Murphy, who was shot dead in 1982 by the IRA, a decade after his loyalist gang brutally murdered up to 30 people. Mr Adams said he thought the recommendation was a “good proposal” and should be accepted by the British and Irish governments. The Sinn Fein policy is at odds with previous comments by its party’s junior minister Gerry Kelly. A month after the proposal was made Mr Kelly said it was “clearly a mistake” because it had caused so much controversy.

Mr Adams said the payment should include the families of Murphy and LVF leader Billy Wright – who was thought to have been responsible for dozens of murders before he was shot dead in the Maze Prison by the INLA. “This is about families and it is very important that we remember, whatever about the notoriety of the individuals that you have named, that their families deserve acknowledgement,” he said.

A never ending war


200 jobs at risk in Dublin

Linen Supply of Ireland says around 200 of its employees are likely to be made redundant. An examiner appointed to the company has recommended the closure of two of its Dublin plants at Fonthill and Naas Road. The firm says it deeply regrets the decision and it’s a sad day for the company.

However Linen Supply of Ireland says it is clear painful decisions would have to be taken in a bid to save up to 300 other jobs. Meanwhile its Micronclean plant in Spiddal, which employs 69 people, is said to be viable and the company believes it should be established as a separate entity.

A very sad day for the people who are going to lose their jobs!


Hume honoured by university

Peacemaker John Hume was tonight honoured by the University of Ulster. The Nobel laureate has become honorary chair in Peace Studies after he helped bring about an IRA ceasefire in 1994 and laid the foundations for the Good Friday Agreement which established political power-sharing.
The accolade was announced at a celebratory dinner at the university's Magee campus in Londonderry this evening. Professor Hume was Tip O'Neill chair at the university from 2002-2009.
Time for Nobelists!


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