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Dutch report Dutch report
by Euro Reporter
2009-10-07 08:12:11
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Balkenende not nominated for EU job

The Netherlands will not nominate Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende or any other Dutch national for the new job of president of the European council of ministers, European minister Frans Timmermans said on Sunday. The job is being created through the Treaty of Lisbon. At present the position of council president is rotated among the 27 member states of the European Union.

Sources in Brussels had told various Dutch newspapers that Balkenende was hot favourite for the job and that he enjoyed the backing of German chancellor Angela Merkel. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is the only 'official' candidate for the job so far. According to Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, he has the backing of French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

Somebody to help not the …Tony Blair!!!


Family-friendly labels

Family-friendly companies and organizations are to be given a quality label under a scheme to be announced by family minister Andrè Rouvoet. The minister wants flexible working hours to become normal practice so that parents can combine work and family life.

‘A quality label can contribute to a further change in culture,’ Rouvoet is quoted as saying by the paper. He will leave it to employers, workers and sector organizations to develop a quality label but will make €100,000 available for the scheme in 2010.  According to research by the ministry, employers believe that investment in family-friendly measures is worthwhile. ‘Such measures lead to less stress… and less absenteeism. Employers get motivated workers in return.’

I definitely like to see family-friendly …hunting rifles company!!!


Bloggers will have to pay performing rights

Bloggers who place parts of music videos on their websites are set to get bills from performing rights society Buma/Stemra next year. According to the organization’s brochure for 2010, 'everyone with protected music on his or her site will get a letter asking them to buy a license' or remove it. The license will cost a minimum of €130.

However, a spokeswoman for Buma/Stemra said tracking down bloggers would not be a priority.

And what is their priority? Use more artists to make money?


Prince urged to quit Mozambique project

Crown prince Willem-Alexander should pull out of a controversial project to build a holiday home for his family in Mozambique, the head of the monarchists' association is reported as saying 'It is very unfortunate to choose such a poor country as Mozambique, particularly if you do it out of privacy considerations,' Michiel Zonnevylle, chairman of the Bond van Oranjeverenigingen was quoted as saying. 'I think Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende and Queen Beatrix should talk about this. And I would really value the project being abandoned.'

Hard life to be a prince and want only a small holyday …castle!!!


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