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Horoscope: October 2009
by Sidharth Kanjilal
2009-10-02 07:57:23
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Horoscope: October 2009

Sidharth Kanjilal is an Astrologer, Numerologist and Feng Shui consultant. He makes personal detailed Birth charts also from a person's date and place of birth. From his guidances and suggestions, people and corporate clients across the world benefit from a better and richer life. He can be contacted at sidkan7_artist@yahoo.com and sid20483@yahoo.com.


Taskmaster planet Saturn is finally packing its bags and preparing to leave your sign at the end of the month and you can expect to be filled with a positive new energy as a result. There’s something of a new beginning to the month of October for your sign and if times have been a tough and testing for some of you, you should now begin to feel the positivity contained within Saturn’s legacy.

Broadly speaking, if you have put in the work, laid the foundations and planted the seeds, this is when you’ll begin reaping the harvest of reward. And another cosmic giant is also batting for you in your work zone, namely Jupiter, bringing with it luck and opportunity, not to mention more than just a little empowerment. Financial matters may also need attention, particularly property matters, and you may also find yourself in a position to request a pay rise, and don’t sell yourself short as you may have done in the past.

The month ends on a sociable high as your need to have gossip with friends and relatives grabs you. Avoid being sucked in to other people’s dramas, however, by applying logic and reason to fraught discussions


Prepare to be challenged in your thinking over partnerships. The reason: free-thinking Jupiter encouraging you to throw a bit of caution to the wind, so ignore anyone who wants to rain on your parade and prepare to have some fun. You are the good time sign, but I think your spirit has been dampened a bit of late, so it’s high time that you reclaimed your crown. Get out and visit friends and neighbours and see what is happening on your doorstep!

Your outlook will potentially turn towards being more philosophical and, by embracing the bigger picture; you’ll engender the same in those closest to you. In fact your words and the words of others will be even more potent than you realise now that Saturn is about to take up residence in your communication zone. This planet wants to teach us something evolutionary, so listen up, and don’t blow this opportunity.

By the time the sun moves into the sign of Scorpio at month end, the draw of home and hearth will be intensified and your organisational abilities may be called upon to sort out the finer points of a family gathering. The devil’s in the detail, but if anyone can get on top of it, it’s you


October is all about learning that passion and forcefulness are all very well and good as long as you don’t overstep the mark. The next step is applying this to your day-to-day life, beginning this month, and no more so than in the area of personal finances. You get some bad press for being a bit frugal, and I know that this is mostly bound up with your need for security, but if issues around money are causing family rifts, logic and reason will pour oil on troubled waters well before hyper sensitivity, and emotional manipulation, or downright bloody-mindedness.

Don’t let Mars fire you up on all cylinders and explode, instead use its energy in a gentler fashion, more suited to your nature. Sometimes you have to give a little to get a little, instead of making every single penny a prisoner. If you are looking into investments, doing so in tandem augurs well as benefactor planet Jupiter is in a place to help you make decisions that should see a return in the long term.

You have a shrewd business sense, but this should not be accompanied by a suspicion of absolutely everybody’s motives. You have to trust someone somewhere along the line, so follow your instinct. The month may end on a high note or two as having a bit of fun will be a temptation you’ll find hard to resist.


With the sun in your sign, October should shape up to be a month where most things go your way, and without much of an effort on your part or resistance from others. You are basking in rays of positivity as the sun is in the area of your chart connected to entertainment, fun and pleasure, so there are good times to come, for sure. This also has a bearing on your creative flow and, with Saturn also fast approaching; you should be able to turn theories in to practice with, again, little effort.

And you’ll likely be aided and abetted in this courtesy of Mars quickening the tempo of your life, making you very bold in your dealings with others, particularly those in your immediate vicinity, which is all very well and good as long as you don’t bark out orders.

Then there’s the small matter of that smouldering, sensual side to your nature erupting all over the place this month as Venus in conjunction with Pluto imbues you with a raw sex appeal and animal magnetism that few will be able to resist, or at least fail to notice. And if there are any deals to be struck or people to win over at the end of the month in a work context, you should have them eating out of the palm of your hand.


You really can make a silk purse from a sow’s ear when you put your resourceful mind to the task at hand. For the latter part of the month this is going to be boosted by the sun activating the part of your chart connected to your creativity. This will be evident for all to see both at work and at home as your ideas come thick and fast and actually materialise too. It’s this final stage when less focused signs fall down, but not so you, Taurus, and this will stand you head and shoulders above your colleagues.

This is a great month for you career all round, in fact, as Jupiter, planet of expansion, is at the zenith of your chart making it an ideal time to realise ambition and shine at interviews, and lead the way in meetings etc. And with reality planet Saturn backing you every inch of the way, there is absolutely no reason why the career foundations you build now won’t stand the test of time and shore up your financial security in the long-term.

Mars at the roots of your chart may cause a bit of conflict at home, so best not to get embroiled if the option of sidestepping remains open to you. And get ready to make some headspace available for relationship matters, as they are coming at you as the month draws to a close.


Have you been holding back and letting negativity fester inside of you? This is not a natural state of affairs for your sign when all is said and done and you probably feel that you are about to explode at any minute. If you can relate to this scenario then just bear in mind that this pressure needs an outlet, so allow it one.

I’m not giving you carte blanche to completely let rip and ride roughshod over the feelings of those who you see as being responsible for your woes, but I would advise some straight talking. No good can come from continuing to bottle things up and you may also get more of an insight into how someone else is feeling. There aren’t necessarily any rights and wrongs here, so don’t be pig-headed.

All being well, you should end October feeling a lot more confident about the strength of the most important relationships in your life and safe in the knowledge that you are now on the same page. And with the sun’s move into Scorpio, you’d do well to take the long-term view over jointly held finances and look out for opportunities to swell the coffers – most of which will be right under your nose. And you’re more likely to spot them now you have arrived at a more peaceful state of mind in your personal relationships.


This is your month Libra, with a flurry of planetary activity in your sign.

But now that this planet is getting ready to move into Libra you should begin to feel a little less encumbered. In fact I would say that transformation and planning anew for the long term is what October will be about for you, with the sun in the part of your chart connected to security and your deepest thought processes.

And with Jupiter in your spiritual zone, prepare to have some profound thoughts hit you concerning what nourishes you in life and what you would like to move away from. Just don’t act in haste or let emotions engulf you. The best guide throughout this is your own trusted inner voice.

Elsewhere, your role at work will be given a boost, with Mars lighting up the relevant part of your chart, so maybe now you’ll find the confidence to ask for that overdue pay rise.

The sun moves into your sister sign of Scorpio during the closing chapter of the month and this only fuels your philosophical mood and may also give you itchy feet, so perhaps you should check to see that you have a valid passport and somebody on hand to feed the fish.


With feisty Mars in your partnership zone you can probably expect some fireworks with your significant other. Don’t panic, as it’s likely to be nothing more than a storm in a teacup, despite which a confrontation over something small may help clear the air over something more deep-seated. You should also be aware that there’s an edge to all your dealings this month because of this planetary influence, be it friends, work colleagues or family members. Expect uncharacteristic forcefulness from people which may have to be cooled off with one of your icy stares.

But this is in no way the biggest news for you this month, not with Jupiter in your sign stealing the show and getting things moving forward at long last. You should be feeding off the confidence and sense that anything is possible, that make up this planet’s energy. Go for it!

Things are also likely to be hotting up in love with Venus and Mercury making a connection in your sign basking in the rays of the sun. You may also get the wanderlust and be sorely tempted to book a last minute get away and if you are in the market for love, then who knows what delights may await you as you step off the plane. Don’t hold back.


Basking in the glow of a brighter than usual spotlight is what this month promises for you. The Libran sun is in your public zone, so if you are looking to impress people with influential sway you should be able to win them over, and then some. Being the sign of ambition and social climbing, this is natural habitat for you anyway and your inherent drive will be stepped up a few gears. I think that you could go far, and reap some of the seeds that you have sewn over the past few months. You certainly haven’t shied away from rolling up your sleeves and getting on with the job in hand. I

It’s not all about work; however, as with Venus connecting to Pluto you’ll really come into your own where love and passion are concerned. The stakes are high, but can you hack the pace? If you are procrastinating over love, try and apply some of your career drive to the mix and see what positive results this nets for you. Jupiter and Mars get together to help with cash flow, giving you the Midas touch and you’ll be more inclined to talk finances through with partners, or those you may be holding joint investments with.

And the harvest theme that characterised the start of the month is boosted during the latter part when Saturn moves to the zenith of your chart, brining reward for past effort as well as structure and reality to career plans.


You are a sign that values friendship extremely highly and you can be counted on to lend a sympathetic ear when someone close is a bit down in the dumps. Your advice might be a little straight to the point but it is heartfelt nonetheless, and you’ll likely find that friends turn to you this month for some sage words. Be gentle with them, not everyone is as independently minded as you and being too preachy perhaps isn’t the most constructive way to win them round to your way of thinking. Be careful not to get emotionally involved in other people’s dramas – remain objective.

Elsewhere, you’ll feel the energy of Jupiter, your ruling planet, as it continues to stir up lots of exciting exchanges with people you associate with on a daily basis and it’s also likely to cause some expansion to your social circle. A Capricorn can have too many friends.

The sun’s move into northern zone at the end of the month puts you in a more reflective and spiritual mood, and you’ll also find yourself in philosophical mode, which is natural habitat for a Capricorns, so embrace it. If a lack of confidence has been holding you back from a further course of study, Mars in your sister sign of Leo should soon put paid to that. This also means that last minute travel is highly probable.


You’re going to feel like having a right good clearout of any old lingering psychological fears as October takes hold, preparing the way for the sun’s entry into your sign at the end of the month and the tremendous uplift this brings. In the meantime it’s up to you to face old ghosts, deal with them and finally put them to rest. You are a highly intuitive sign and it’s your inner voice that navigates you through life’s flotsam and jetsam and this will also be the case this month, so trust it when it comes to jettisoning any dead wood you feel is hindering your progress.

You may have felt like a bit of an understudy at work lately, and Mars will soon remedy this by coaxing you out of the wings to centre stage. This planet wants you to shine under the public spotlight and you’ll find that your powers of persuasion and drive are cranked up to the hilt. You have spent enough time counselling others, playing the rescuer role, so it’s about time that you began to concentrate on what it is that you want for your life long-term.

Jupiter in your domestic zone brings luck and expansion, so if you have been thinking about appreciating your property’s value, this is well starred for you, and what better time to do it as your birthday time approaches signalled by the sun’s arrival in your sign as the month closes.


Uranus in your sign may have left you feeling more than a little hemmed in of late, being opposed by stern Saturn in your sign. The sun ignites your zest for life, boosts your energy and whets your appetite for socialising, flirting and going after whatever you have set your sights on with a steely sense of purpose. Mars is firing up your career zone, making you a force to be reckoned with, as long as you body swerve any aggressive tendencies.

You’ll also be in a position to begin to plan for what you want to the next 12 months to yield, based on reflecting on how you have evolved during the previous 12 months. Don’t let history repeat itself by holding your hands up to and learning from, any mistakes you made. Your creativity and sense of fun are also riding high, with Jupiter in your socialising zone working its magic, so if you are planning a mini break, or day out with the kids, it should all run like clockwork.

By the end of the month, the sun may be leaving your sign, but another cosmic heavyweight is heading your way. Saturn will no doubt all ready be making its energy felt, as you are its principal target. Get ready for some hard, and no less rewarding, work in the coming months. It’s curtain up on an immensely exciting time.

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