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Hungarian report Hungarian report
by Euro Reporter
2009-10-03 09:13:30
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Hungary 20th in Euro Health Rankings

"Hungary has slipped from 14th to 20th place in the European health care system rankings, according to the European health care consumer index. The current Hungarian treatment results are at a surprisingly low level despite its 60-year-old state health care experience, the report said. The rankings are headed by the Netherlands for the second year, followed by Denmark, Iceland and Austria."

That was not …healthy at all!


Jump into river to escape border guards

Three Moldovan illegal immigrants jumped into the river Koros in southeast Hungary when they caught sight of a border policeman, the local police reported. The border violators swam across the ice-cold river, but were apprehended by a patrol on the other side, spokesperson Erzsebet Pengo said.
The three detainees were given clothes by the local Red Cross and they were handed over to the Romanian authorities, she added.

Escaping to the cold!


Hungarian unit in Afghanistan prepares for homecoming

A unit of Hungarian soldiers in Afghanistan have successfully completed their peacekeeping mission and are preparing for their homecoming, Commander Ferenc Korom said. All 250 soldiers serving in the 6th of the rotating units of the Hungarian provincial reconstruction team (PRT) will come home in perfect health and attend a reception ceremony on September 30, Korom said.
The Hungarian soldiers helped improve public safety in Afghanistan, training local members of the army and police and providing protection for international forces, experts and advisors, he said. The Hungarians were also there to help secure the first round of elections in Afghanistan and were involved in transporting voting forms, he added.
The Hungarian soldiers were involved in one armed conflict with local rebels on May 9 but none of the soldiers were injured, Korom said.

And who’s going to be left?


Taking charge of debts

Finance Minister Péter Oszkó said Hungary intends to wean itself off emergency funding from the International Monetary fund. “At the moment, Hungary can confidently finance itself from the markets,” Oszkó said during a radio interview. The minister cited increased investor confidence, and more willingness to take risks, as grounds for optimism.

Hungary held a successful international bond issue – that is, one not denominated in forints – in June, the first since the country had to accept a 20-billion-euro IMF-led bailout loan last October. However, there will probably be no more such sales of government debt this year, Oszkó said, suggesting the first half of 2010 as a more likely date.


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