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Bulgarian report Bulgarian report
by Euro Reporter
2009-09-29 07:51:55
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Sued FinMin Djankov for libel

The notorious former Bulgarian Interior Minister, Rumen Petkov, is filing suit Monday against Bulgaria's Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Simeon Djankov. Petkov said he would take legal action against Djankov over his allegations he interfered with the creation of an online link between the Customs Agency and the National Revenue Agnecy.

The defamation suit would further include Djankov's statements Petkov had purchased tourist helicopters for the Interior Ministry thus wasting valuable and much needed resources. "Unfortunately I could not buy not only tourist helicopters, but no helicopters at all. By insisting these were State resources, Djankov simply demonstrated his utter incompetence. These are Schengen funds and the Bulgarian State money has nothing to do with it," Petkov said.

Rumen Petkov resigned from his post as Interior Minister on April 13, 2008 after a series of scandals sparked allegations of corruption and mafia connections in his Ministry


Not benefit from amnesty act

The Ministers from the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) in the previous cabinet decided that they would not need the provisions of the Amnesty Act. The information was revealed by former Interior Minister, Mihail Mikov, who said the ministers, will submit during the week to Chief Prosecutor, Boris Velchev, and a request to not halt eventual legal proceedings against them based on the Amnesty Act.

The decision was made Sunday during the BSP weekend seminar at the winter resort "Borovets." Former Prime Minister and leader of the BSP, Sergey Stanishev, have also decided to submit the same request. The move comes on the heels of accusations from the cabinet of the ruling Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) party and PM, Boyko Borisov, that the Socialists passed the Amnesty Act in order to avoid prosecution. GERB want the Constitutional Court to declare the Act anti-constitutional.

The Act was passed in March 2009 and came into effect on April 22. It gives amnesty to all those who by July 1, 2008, were charged with reckless crimes punishable by up to 5 years behind bars. The crimes include reckless malfeasance in office - the Penalty Code text that was the most applicable to charge people, who have used their office position to cover fraud with budget or European funds. During the seminar the Socialists further made decisions regarding other legislative initiatives. They propose to raise the minimum monthly wage in Bulgaria from BGN 240 to BGN 280 and declared themselves against the raise of retirement age and lowering the mandatory insurance deposits by 2%.


Job …genocide?

Over 300 railroad workers gathered at a rally in the central town of Gorna Oriahovitsa, one of Bulgaria's key railroad stations. The rally was held under the motto: "No to hunger, no to misery. We demand that our salaries are paid regularly."

Petar Bunev, Chair of the Railroad Trade Unions, said the way the railroad employees have been treated equaled genocide. The low salaries of BGN 200-300 a month, which are never paid regularly, and the upcoming layoffs of about 4,000 railroad workers constitute physiological harassment and stress and trigger low morale, and lack of motivation, Bunev explained.

The protesting railroad workers issued a declaration demanding the annulment of the proposed anti-crisis measures of staff reduction and closure of railroads. They say the measures endanger the safety and security of the railroad operations. The demonstrators also declared their readiness to go on strike.


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