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Maltese report Maltese report
by Euro Reporter
2009-09-24 07:48:52
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Gift of Life 'startled' by MP's comment

Gift of Life, the pro-life lobby group, said today it was ' very startled' about the reported call by Labour MP Michael Farrugia for a debate in the Social Affairs Committee on the use and implications of the morning-after pill. It said the morning-after pill was not only a contraceptive, but it could also act to prevent a fertilized human life from implanting within the mother's womb when breakthrough pregnancy occurred, thus causing an abortion.

The group said it wanted to caution that in other countries, the debate for the legalization of abortion invariably began with what were conveniently termed as special cases such as with rape or child deformity. The group said it was urging Dr Joseph Muscat and Dr Lawrence Gonzi to take a definite stand on the proposed amendment to the Constitution to unequivocally give right to life protection to the child within the womb from conception.

"The fact that the political parties have not yet taken a definite stand on the constitutional amendment to clearly guarantee that life begins at conception is all the more worrying given these developments," the group said.


Execution of Vicente Scicluna recalled

Mass was said at Ghaxaq Parish Church today to recall Blessed Vicente Scicluna, a little-known priest of Maltese descent who was executed during the Spanish Civil War and beatified by Pope John Paul II. Fr Scicluna's grandfather was born in Ghaxaq and immigrated to Spain, where he married Margarita Caruana Cappello, also of Maltese descent.

Fr Scicluna was born in Valencia in 1859 and ordained priest in 1884. In 1903 he was appointed parish priest of Navarres. During the Spanish Civil War he and many other priests were the subject of abuse by Republicans. Betrayed while in hiding, he was arrested on September 22, 1936 and was shot by a firing squad a few days later - 73 years old today.

He was beatified on March 11, 2001, along with another 73 martyrs killed in Valencia. A number of Maltese from Ghaxaq were present for the ceremony, but the parish priest of Ghaxaq admitted this morning that he did not know if any of his distant relatives still lived in the village.

Mgr Philip Calleja, director of the Emigrants' Commission, said Blessed Fr Scicluna is considered as the co-patron of Maltese emigrants.


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