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Greek report Greek report
by Euro Reporter
2009-09-16 07:49:22
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Election countdown: PASOK's 100-day agenda

papandreoudeth1Addressing the annual Thessaloniki International Fair on Saturday – where the Prime Minister and the leaders of major political parties address the event, heralding their intentions regarding the coming year - main opposition PASOK Party’s leader George Papandreou presented his Party’s proposals for changes in the country’s economy. Five bills are expected to be introduced by PASOK, should it get to lead the country after the October 4 elections. The first draft law on taxation would involve a solidarity approach towards middle and low - income earners, introducing a more socially progressive system.

The second draft law would attempt to protect consumers from high-living costs by regulating markets; the third would put an end to liquidity shortages in the market, while the fourth intends to boost entrepreneurship by facilitating taxation and start-ups. The fifth draft would tackle the effects of the economic crisis on the job market. Asked how his party plans to secure the means to implement the above-mentioned projects, Papandreou announced his Party’s aim to draw funds from economizing on public spending, control of tax evasion, and taxation on assets owned by the Church of Greece.


Asklepios – an approachable god

asclepius1The ancient sanctuary of Asklepios, - UNESCO World Heritage Site - is located in the peaceful coastal town of Epidaurus, with its mild climate. The sanctuary of the god-physician Asklepios was the most famous healing centre of the Greek and Roman world.

It is considered to be the birthplace of medicine and to have had more than 200 dependent spas in the eastern Mediterranean. Its monuments, true masterpieces of ancient Greek art, are a precious testimony to the practice of medicine in antiquity.

Most of its architecture dates from between 300 and 200 BC. The asklipieion was closed down and probably destroyed in the late 4th century AD. It was excavated from the 1880s onwards by Panagis Kavvadias of the Archaeological Society at Athens. Asklepios was perhaps the most approachable of the ancient Greek gods. His sanctuaries were explicitly open to all visitors, including women and slaves.


Kazantzakis museum

neomouseio1The newly renovated Kazantzakis museum in Crete opened its doors to the public again, this summer, aiming to shed light into less known aspects of Kazantzakis’ life such as his relation to politics, his engagement with cinema and screenwriting. 

The Museum is made up of a cluster of buildings in the central square of the historical village of Varvari, now known as Myrtia, 15km from Herakleion and 11km from Knossos. It holds, among other things, manuscripts and notes by the author; samples of his correspondence with major thinkers, politicians, and authors of his time; first editions of his works in Greek and other languages; rare photographic material and souvenirs from his travels.


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