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Irish report Irish report
by Euro Reporter
2009-09-10 08:05:03
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Gilmore refuses to rule out another Labour-FF coalition

The leader of the Labour Party Eamon Gilmore is refusing to categorically rule out going into Government with Fianna Fail after the next election.

Speaking in Waterford, Mr Gilmore said his party will contest the next election with the objective of securing a Labour-led Government. Pressed by reporters on the issue, he would only say that he currently has no plans to do business with Fianna Fail.


Greens seek removal of bankers as part of NAMA deal

Remaining key figures in the banks rescued by the taxpayer face the chop as part of the NAMA deal. The removal of the directors of bank boards is being demanded by the Green Party to reassure the public that the banking culture has changed.  The resignation details are part of a package of measures to be hammered out this morning by the Cabinet.
A large number of directors of the banks have remained in place since the crisis began last September, at the time of the state bank guarantee.  The resignation ultimatum would result in the departure of 10 Bank of Ireland directors and eight AIB directors, as well as personnel in the other institutions.  Communications Minister Eamon Ryan was the first minister in the Government to call for a reform of banking culture and personnel, which led to the crisis.

"The public need to have confidence that this is a new type of banking. Old practices cannot return, we need root and branch reform to make sure this never happens again," he told the Irish Independent last night.  The Greens will offer the cull of directors as a sweetener to their grassroots members to back the NAMA legislation when they hold a party meeting on Saturday. The junior coalition partners continue to be in intense negotiations with Finance Minister Brian Lenihan and within Government on the proposed NAMA bill.

The Greens want the withdrawal of the remaining directors over a two-year period to ensure there is an orderly wind-down and no sudden loss of institutional memory.


Farmer's secret lover entitled to share of his will

A WOMAN who spent nearly 30 years with an older farmer since becoming his teenage lover was yesterday awarded a share of his will to buy a house, after he led her to believe she would always have a roof over her head. The love affair with farmer Seamus Kane, who was then a bachelor in his early 40s, began after Anne Mulholland left school aged 16.

Ms Mulholland, now 49, said that while still a teenager, she had pledged to Mr Kane to always be there to look after him. By that stage she was already helping with the lambing season at his 490-acre farm near Ballycastle, Co Antrim. But he died in 2004 without making a will, which was yesterday described as "unconscionable" by Mr Justice Deeny at the High Court in Belfast.
He ruled she should be paid out of an estate valued at more than £800,000 (€910,000) after sacrificing any chance of marriage to be with him. He said: "I find that she cared for him without remuneration." At no stage was the affair discussed or admitted to Mr Kane's sister Maureen who, along with her other brother John, were the beneficiaries of the estate and defendants in the action. But yesterday Mr Justice Deeny said: "I find that he enjoyed a long relationship, beneficial to him of both a physical and social kind, with a youthful and devoted companion for approaching 30 years."

He said: "Inevitably that meant that she was not making herself available for other friendships with men which might have led to relationships and marriage." The judge commented that it was never publicly acknowledged, as others would have regarded the couple as living in sin at the home on Ballyvennaught Road. "When there were family weddings, Seamus went with his sister, in a suit bought for him by her, rather than with the plaintiff who shared his bed," he said.


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