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Lithuanian report Lithuanian report
by Euro Reporter
2009-09-07 09:54:54
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Employment situation worsens

The employment situation in the Baltic continues its slump as Lithuania announced that over 217,000 work aged people our currently jobless. Latvia is fairing no better as survey results from “Fontes Vadibas Konsultacijas” report that the 68 percent of working person’s annual salary has been reduced. Over 67 percent of the private sector has let staff go in Latvia, especially among junior level employees, which had shown significant growth in past years.

The total annual pay has remained as before for three percent of employees in Latvia, whilst for 29 percent it has increased over the past twelve months. Most often a pay rise has been allotted to employees whose range of responsibilities extends to assignments on the Baltic or international level.

During the last week of August, the Lithuanian territorial labor exchanges registered 5,600 jobseekers. This indicator dropped for the ninth week in a row. In the first weeks of June over 7,000 jobseekers were registered per week and there were around 6,200-6,600 jobseekers registered per week in July.


Social security benefits in jeopardy nationwide

With the year heading into the second half, local municipalities are finding that their coffers are running dry, putting pressure on where they’ll come up with funds to meet social security payments. According to the Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania (ALAL), on average only 45 percent of planned budget revenue has been collected by local governments during the first half of 2009.


Mysterious CIA prison for al Qaeda suspects in Lithuania

On Aug. 20, ABC News announced that Lithuanian officials provided the CIA with a building on the outskirts of Vilnius where as many as eight al Qaeda suspects were held for more than a year, until late 2005 when they were moved. Lithuanian officials deny this allegation. According to ABC News, a former intelligence official (his name was not disclosed) involved in the program, said that Lithuania agreed to host a prison because it wanted better relations with the U.S.


Parliament chairman urged to resign on alleged mafia connection

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite had an icy meeting with Parliament Chairman Arunas Valinskas, held at the request of the latter. On the eve of the meeting, the president said that Valinskas “should take political responsibility” because of media information regarding his contacts with members of the most notorious Lithuanian criminal gang. Translating this from diplomatic language, Grybauskaite asked him to resign.

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