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September's choices
by The Ovi Team
2009-09-01 07:32:56
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For this September our choices for blog of the month, site of the month and photo of the month in Ovi magazine are...

For September Blog of the month is: Oscar Grillo's Grillomation blog_month_400

An illustrator and animator’s blog who’s at work since 1960!

You can always check our long Ovi Blogs' list HERE!








And site for the month September is: TMZ

site_month_400Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News, covering celebrity news and Hollywood rumours. Get all the latest gossip at TMZ - Thirty Mile Zone.

 You can always check our long Ovi links' list HERE!








Photo of the month:

Getting ready for the long way South


For more Ovi Photos, HERE!

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Zapundral2009-09-01 21:05:11
Oscar Drillo is boring as dirt.
TMA paid you for the Advert, right?
The photo of the ducks is the banal image of all time.

What the fuck you doing? You drunk or stupid???


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