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French report French report
by Euro Reporter
2009-08-30 08:46:18
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Racism accusations are political ploy

A French official charged with overseeing efforts to appease racially-charged tension in a French Indian Ocean territory has accused France's Interior Minister of orchestrating the affair. Paul Girot de Langlade, coordinator of a political peace process on the island of Reunion, has been suspended pending an inquiry into a charge that he insulted security personnel at Orly airport by using a racial slur.
"I am the victim of a political ploy" the official told French daily Le Parisien on Thursday. "The investigation into what was initially a minor incident has been orchestrated by Interior minister Brice Hortefeux, who wants to restore his anti-racist image," he said, referring to a series of harsh anti-immigration measures. "The behaviour and comments that have been attributed to me in the media for the past two days do not come from me and do not reflect reality or my personality," Girot de Langlade said.
The prosecutor's office in the Paris suburb of Creteil has opened an investigation into "public insults of a racial character." According to a judicial official, Girot de Langlade was stopped by security staff and asked to empty his pockets when a metal detector buzzer sounded after he disembarked from a flight at Orly airport outside Paris on July 31. "You'd think we were in Africa. In any case, there are only blacks here," he is accused of replying, according to the official.
Girot de Langlade admitted that he lost his patience while going through security at the airport. "The Air France stewardess who was accompanying me for the transit in Orly between two planes was herself shocked by the behaviour of the security agent and apologised in the name of her company," he said. "I told them to hurry up -- granted, in an aggressive manner -- but that is all that I told them," the prefect, or senior state official, said.

Plot there is in his storming brain!


Hope among Socialists

"Hope is reborn! It's nice to see the Socialist Party getting back on its feet!” exclaims Marielle from northern France, Socialist Party chief Martine Aubry’s territory. The sun is shining over the Socialist Party’s annual summer gathering in the city of La Rochelle, and Marielle’s comrades nod in agreement between sips of beer. On Friday, Aubry was warmly applauded during her opening speech at the event. She demanded clarity in the political platform of François Bayrou’s centrist MoDem party, which is being courted by both the political left and Right. She also called for the adoption of "open primaries", in the fashion of American political parties, to designate the opposition candidate for France’s 2012 presidential elections.

Aubry’s supporters are not letting the thorny issue of whether or not to form an alliance with the MoDem spoil their summer fun. "In Lille, Martine works with the elected centrists, and it works well!" insists Marielle. "This year, for once, we’re leaving the meeting with the desire to roll up your sleeves."  Because everything is not always rosy inside the Socialist’s tent, other members remain cautious. For now, the door has been left only slightly ajar to MoDem members and the details of these first-ever primaries must still be fixed.

Along La Rochelle’s port, a group of party card-holders discuss the primaries issue.  "The party has no chance of winning in 2012 if we go alone!” “But just imagine if a MoDem candidate wins primaries!"

Hope is a good thing, but …let’s see!!! By the way what about all the conspiracy theories for …2012?


Meeting with Apple over exploding iPhones

France's consumer affairs minister will meet a director of Apple France for talks on Friday after half a dozen cases in which iPhones are said to have spontaneously exploded or cracked up.  Herve Novelli will meet Apple France's commercial director Michel Coulomb to discuss the incidents, which are being investigated by France's competition, consumer affairs and fraud watchdog, the DGCCRF, the finance ministry said.
They will "examine what steps to take in response to the DGCCRF's questions about the implosion of these devices, and what measures the agency could take," said a statement from the ministry. Novelli will also remind the US technology giant of its general safety obligations towards consumers. Ten cases of "exploding iPhones" have been reported in France, including one in which a teenager suffered an eye injury, sparking calls for Apple to come clean over possible risks linked to its wildly popular Smartphone.
The US technology giant, which has sold 26 million iPhones and 200 million iPod music players to date, said it been informed of the French cases but would not comment until it had examined the damaged phones. Apple is accused of trying to hush up 15 cases of iPods heating up and bursting into flames in the United States and one similar British case, all apparently due to overheated lithium ion batteries. None of the cases caused a serious injury but Apple was forced to defend the safety of the iPhone before the European Union this month, insisting they were "isolated incidents".

And there are some …bad apples!!!


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