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by David Sparenberg
2009-08-31 08:10:04
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The pure and sweet souled
Mahatma Gandhi
commonly said,
"I am a Hindu and a Moslem,
a Christian and a Buddhist.”
In his ashram
at daily prayers,
Gandhi prayed
to include all faiths.
We too would benefit
from his lesson
in tolerance and participation.
the essence of
all religion is compassion.
Can we say:
I am a human being,
living here, in this time, in this
space, a citizen of the world;
an integral and engaged member
of this One
Earth Global Village.
I am a Hindu and a Moslem,
a Christian and a Buddhist,
a Pagan and a Jew.
I am one
with all compassion,
with all genuine love,
with authentic integrity,
for freedom for justice,
for peace and for honesty,
affirming dignity
protecting diversity
in nature and of cultures.
Wherever there is humility
and an open heart,
I am, in my soul.
Wherever there is kindness
and an open hand,
I am with these
unconditional hands
of flesh and life-giving energy.
I am food
and I am water.
I am air
and I am light.
I am many
and I am only one.
is the phenomenal power
of cosmic unity.

Where a voice is necessary,
I shall be
a steadfast word.
Where an ear is called for,
I shall be the foremost
of heartfelt concern.
Where eyes are required,
I shall bear witness
with uncompromising vision.
There is no purpose
here, in this life,
greater than devotion and praise.
There is no path
for the mortal sojourn
more worthy
than the way
of expressed compassion.
I am a child
in the family of living spirit
and in the unboundaried
of universal souls.
Like the genuine
I would open my hands
and my little self,
releasing the canker
worm of violence
and welcoming the butterfly
of peace. 
Here, between my tears
and the smile
of awakened serenity,
I offer my prayer:
Generation, you,
let me stand
among us all, on this wounded
mother earth, with
naked feet,
in humility and courage,
to be who I am,
when I have understood
and transcended
the misconceptions
and the betrayal
of who I was.
The poem Compassion is from HEALING, A Book of Poetry by David Sparenberg
http://www.lulu.com/content/1096722 .

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