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Bulgarian report Bulgarian report
by Euro Reporter
2009-08-27 07:56:28
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Bulgarians Celebrate 132 Years since Shipka Battle of Liberation War

More than 1 000 Bulgarians climbed the Shipka Peak in the Balkan Mountain in order to celebrate the 132 Year since the heroic Shipka Pass Battle of the 1877-1878 Liberation War. Some 320 members of the "Tradition" National Association from all over Bulgaria re-created the historic battle of the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78, which led to the country's liberation. Bulgaria's Defence Minister, Nikolay Mladenov, who also took part in the ceremonies commemorating the Shipka Pass Battle, remarked that the volunteer Bulgarian troops, who fought at Shipka 132 years ago, set the beginning of the modern Bulgarian Army.

"Shipka is a symbol of courage, manliness, and unity - qualities that the Bulgarian nation needs today as well," said Bulgaria's PM Boyko Borisov in a statement read to those who gathered at the Skipka Peak. A statement by Bulgaria's President Georgi Parvanov was also read. The Battle of the Shipka Pass, which is located in the central part of the Balkan Mountain, took place on August 21-23, 1877.

The pass turned out to be of strategic importance for the outcome of the twelfth war between Russia and the Ottoman Empire but it was initially guarded mostly by the regiments of the Bulgarian "opalchentsi", or volunteers, as well as smaller numbers of Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Finnish warriors from the Russian Empire's army. This force of a total of about 7 000 soldiers faced an Ottoman Turkish army of almost 40 000 but managed to hold its critically important positions until the arrival of the Russian army of General Radetski. The Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78 ended with the San Stefano Peace Treaty of March 3, 1878, which liberated Bulgaria from Ottoman Turkey.


Govt to Raise Wages by 5%-10% in 2010

The Bulgarian government of the GERB party might be able to raise the state sector salaries by 5%-10% in 2010. This is envisaged in the draft macroeconomic framework for 2010-2013 prepared by the team of the Bulgarian Finance Minister, Simeon Djankov announced.

However, the salaries coming from the state budget and the minimum salary, which is BGN 240, will only be raised in 2010 if the government manages to increase tax and other state revenue by at least 30%, largely by managing to crack down on financial crimes and tax evasion. The draft framework also provides for using any state funds left over from the 2009 state budget after already implemented 15% cut of state expenditures to be channelled for increasing salaries.


Resorts Nessabar, Bansko Richest Bulgarian Municipalities

The resort towns of Nessebar, Bansko, and Primorsko top the list of the richest Bulgarian municipalities.
This becomes clear from a research of the Economics Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences which measures the amount of revenue per capita the Bulgarian municipalities generate.

The municipal revenue is generated through local taxes and fees, management of municipal property - i.e. sales and rent, collecting fees for municipally run institutions such as kindergartens, trading fees, and fines. The 2008 list is topped by a number of Black Sea and mountain resorts mostly as a result of the booming construction and real estate trade in these locations that was not affected by the global financial crisis until the last quarter of 2008.

Thus, in 2008, the richest Bulgarian municipality, Nessebar, which also includes the country's largest Black Sea resort Sunny Beach, generated BGN 1 845 per capita. In contrast, the local authorities in the two poorest of Bulgaria's 264 municipalities - Ruen located on the border with Macedonia, and Varbitsa in the Northeast - managed to generate only BGN 37 per capita in 2008.

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