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Austrian report Austrian report
by Euro Reporter
2009-08-19 09:13:49
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We care about your Carinthia …posters!

Amazement and amusement in Austria's most western province Vorarlberg about the election posters of the Orange party called “BZÖ” for the state election. “We care about your Carinthia” is written in big letters on a dark orange background. This slogan was already used during the last state election in Carinthia. Now the same slogan should bring some votes in Vorarlberg as well? It seems someone forgot to change “Carinthia” in “Vorarlberg”.

More than 30 of those posters were already counted. So it’s not just one mistake. It seems to be a comprehensive planned campaign. The boss of the BZÖ in Vorarlberg does not see “his” message for the state election as a faux pas. “There are 20.000 people with Carinthian roots living in Vorarlberg”, he told to the press. Anyway, misfortune or not, but this story is a good laugh in all of Austria’s internet forums today.


Bed and breakfast

One man’s joy is another man’s sorrow. As hotels are worrying about dramatically decreasing over night stays, bed and breakfast guesthouses are booked out as never before. Also the website of Austria’s Broadcasting Corporation reports about a “rebirth of the bed and breakfast guesthouse” in Austria. Experts were wrong in the past times when they claimed more luxury hotels in Austria. It was told that “nobody needs bed and breakfast guesthouses anymore” and that “luxury hotels are the future.”

Now those much lauded luxury hotels are empty and bed and breakfast inns are totally crowded. The economic crisis makes it possible. People don’t want to miss their holiday and choose the cheaper version. One bed and breakfast operator from Obertraun confirms the new development. He is booked out until the end of September. The benefit of a bed and breakfast guesthouse is its unbeatable price-performance ratio. Tourism experts, who were already wrong that Austria needs more luxury hotels, seem to be quite disappointed and upset. The spokesman of the institute for leisure and tourism research says: “Bed and breakfast inns are bad for our tourism because there is not such a good service as in hotels. The foundation stone of the tourism is and always will be the hotel.”


Animal rights sentences!

Ten animal rights activists are accused by the public prosecution department of the Lower Austrian town of Wiener Neustadt, that they have built a criminal organisation. The demand for a penalty comprises 218 pages.

The public prosecution department even uses the “Mafia paragraph” 278a criminal code. The impeachment includes malicious criminal property damage, compulsion, and cruelty to animals, as well as resistance to the authority of the state. Animal rights activists accused of cruelty to animals? Unfortunately media or the public prosecution department don’t tell any further details about such kind of allegation. If it’s really true, those guys seem to be a strange group of animal rights activists. An imprisonment of five years is possible. Their total damage amounts to 600.000 Euro.

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