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Romanian report Romanian report
by Euro Reporter
2009-08-12 09:47:05
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Romanians dance in memory of Michael Jackson

Over 1,000 people from Bucharest paid homage to Michael Jackson, dancing on the hit Beat It. The event took place on Saturday, August 8, in three sites from Romania's Capital.  Despite the fact that two flash mobs have been planned initially in Hereastrau Park and in front of TNB, the fans wanted the event to take place in Tineretului Park as well. Wish granted.

Over 1,000 fans paid homage to the King of Pop on Saturday evening. Part of them danced on Beat It next to 50 professional dancers. The trend was set by a band named Bounce from Stockholm.  The event taking place in Romania was set up after the organisers in Stockholm encouraged more people to do it. The example was followed and several countries planned short dance events like this. The dancers learnt the steps several days before the event, helped by a video broadcasted online. They met on Saturday at 3 PM, in the Fratelli parking from Bucharest. Here, they rehearsed the final dance version of the dance for the first time for one hour and a half.


Romania's economy will drop by 7.5%

Romanian economy will contract by 7.5% in 2009 and by 2% in 2010, according to Bank of America Securities-Merrill Lynch analysts, quoted by NewsIn. In the previous report, the bank's analysts estimated a 6.4% economic contraction in 2009 and 2.5% in 2010. Romania's GDP dropped 6.2% in the first 2009 quarter against the same period in 2008. Public Finance minister Gheorghe Pogea said that the economic contraction in Romanian economy for the second quarter was superior to the first, going over 8%.

The IMF adjusted the forecast for Romania's economic downturn for this year to 8-8.5%, from their former 4.1% prognosis.  The investment bank's analysts consider that Romania's National Bank (BNR) will reduce the interest rate for monetary policy to 7.5% in the course of the current year, as opposed to 8%, their former prediction. They expect it to drop further, recording 5.5% in 2010.

BNR's administration council decided on August 4 to reduce the key annual interest rate from 9% to 8.5%, according to estimates, but surprised the market by lowering the level for the minimum compulsory foreign currency passives to 30%, which will make new liquidity available for banks. 


My son was executed

Several months after his son passed away, Petre Cozma talks about the help he received from both Romanians and Hungarians, but also about the investigation that makes very slow progress in the absence of proofs. "My son was 100% executed" the father of young Romanian handball player Marian Cozma opinionated. The friendly Hungary - Romania match on Wednesday will be held in the memory of the ex-athlete.

"I will be there for the Hungary-Romania match. I will take part in a game played in the memory of my son. They've always done something nice in his memory. They treated him well when he was alive, as well. I have nothing to reproach the Romanians, because they always support me, but the Hungarians move differently. Marian is still loved both by the Hungarians and Romanians, therefore I'm not afraid the supporters will show a different reaction", Petre Cozma said.

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