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A Loo-Regime in Iran
by Alexandra Pereira
2009-08-08 07:42:02
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So I decided to take a break from my exhausting task of, according to Asa, ‘drawing on the toilet walls of the National Gallery’ - what big toilets they have! So much Italian graffiti on them and everything - I just miss a Jacuzzi to share with my dangerous friend Michelangelo Merisi, but, anyhow, I’m sure that Her Majesty’s ambassadors and collectors must also have stolen a few bathtubs from Italy at some point… they were not as heavy as the Assyrian gates on the neighboring BM after all, and much more practical than the Parthenon’s friezes!) to decorate Ovi’s virtual walls with a few words instead. I hope that is an upgrade.

loo_regime_400And you can start setting aside your expectations because I’m not going to write about the World Scout Day or Sauna World Championships. I’m going to write about Iran’s Association of Journalists, which was closed by the authorities this week (without any justification) and has been under serious pressure for several months now, from the secret services and the Ministry of Labour of the Iranian government.

If there were any doubts left about the methods adopted by Ahmadinejad’s government, this just comes as a meta-mega-confirmation on how disgusting, oppressive and manipulative can a regime be. Amazingly they still think tape gags can help them to remain in power – how irrational and unrealistic can such a thought pattern be?

Also this Thursday, the daily newspaper ‘Etemad Melli’ denounced that one of its chief editors, Mahdim Jorram, was arrested while visiting the bookshop Nashre Cheshme, near the newspaper’s headquarters. He was forced to leave the bookshop, where he was simply… buying books, and imprisoned without any judicial order. A cultural editor, he is the third editor of that newspaper arrested since the so-called ‘reelection’ of Ahmadinejad.

Throughout the whole country, independent media have been under serious attack and many journalists were persecuted, arrested or disappeared. Now back to my big toilet… much cleaner than Ahmadinejad’s loo-regime anyway.

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