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...and this is August! ...and this is August!
by The Ovi Team
2009-08-01 10:15:06
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blog_month01_400For this month our choice for Blog of the Month is: The Full Story

And is better if we let the blogger to introduce the blog: The Full Story, Universal truths in bite-sized - 300 word - chunks. Two old friends trying to use their brains for something less self-destructive than thinking.

You can always check our long Ovi Blogs' list HERE!



Next is the Site of the Month and it is:The online artistic magazine, 2dartist

A Downloadable PDF Magazine for Concept Art, Digital & Matte Painting creatives around the globe. 2DArtist Magazine will focus on techniques, tutorials, interviews, articles, project overviews and galleries. We will have news and reviews too but we find that these topics are best covered by the online news and CG sites that thrive on daily updates.



Last but not least, the Photo of the month you can find it Here!


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