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But ...seriously
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-08-01 10:15:23
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The numbers of deads soar in Nigeria, where the violence between the state and an extreme Muslim sect has reached unbelievable numbers. The casualties among innocent bystanders are equally big. On the same time in nearby Somalia, the civil war escalates, with thousands fleeing to neighbouring countries and finding their way to Europe. The reality of Africa nowadays is painted in blood!

And don’t forget the situation in Zimbabwe and the caricature dictator of the country, Robert Mugabe. The country might improve with the new government, but things remain the same as long the dictator controls the army, the security forces and the state’s treasury. He has also turned the state’s diamond mines into his own private business, the army helping with keeping the slaves in order. On top of that, in Sudan a trial is going on with a woman charged with wearing ‘indecent’ clothing, which according to the local freaks translates into trousers!

While this is happening in tortured Africa, on the other side of the civilized world, NASA is defending itself from attacks over the expenses for the next moon rocket - forty years after the first man on the moon.  And Kathrin Jackson, the late Michael’s mother takes full custody of his three children, and tries to get his money as well. On top of that, Disney announces weaker profits. All this makes you wonder if you live in another dimension, and if everything happens in a world in denial or a globe in schizophrenia.

However, schizophrenia is one thing the Italian prime minister doesn’t have to deal with, since the voices he’s listening to are coming from the recorded conversations he had with call girls that were hired for his private parties. The best part of these conversations must be the part with the references to the Putin bed, a present from the former Russian president, nowadays Russian prime minister. Coming to Russia’s strong man, Putin, we don’t hear much about him lately, but that should make us worry more, since he has turned his eyes to the neighbouring countries. He’s targeting Ukraine at the moment and making the locals feel a bit nervous and on the edge.

Another European leader with problems in another critical part of his body seems to be the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy . But according to rumours, his problems have nothing to do with his young and very attractive wife, but with his work. Actually Sarkozy hasn’t been the only leader with problems while jogging; perhaps they should release an official warning saying that the combination of running and politics seriously damages your heart!

Somebody else that definitely must have - if not heart problems - mental problems, is the Iranian puppet president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The man has attracted so much anger inside the country since the election that it makes you wonder how he manages to walk. But then again nobody has seen him walking lately; he’s obviously hiding, scared of the reactions his presence will bring to the streets of Teheran. On the same time, the Iranian people are once again on the streets. This time they are mourning the symbol victim of the state brutality, young Neda Agha Soltan. He face became the symbol of the fight against the dictators of Iran, and on the same time she became a monument of all the ones known and unknown who died over the last weeks.

Another monument staying strong – and not a favourite one - is in Pakistan. It is the former dictator, Pervez Musharraf. Despite all the efforts to get him to trial for treason, the Pakistani Supreme Court has rejected the request. It seems that Pakistan has a lot of understanding and tolerance for everybody, since there are Talebans still around, and most likely Bin Laden is hiding there somewhere, without the state reacting. Thankfully, the Pakistani army managed to stop the Taleban in some point, because they nearly took over half of the country a few weeks ago. However, taking over a country is something that the Taleban are doing well at the moment practising in Afghanistan – this during very critical moments for the future of the country, as the people of Afghanistan is getting ready to vote for a new president.

All of this is happening while Michael Moore is packing his suitcases for Venice, where he’s going to compete in the international film festival with his new creation, “Capitalism” - with capital ‘C’, as he says himself.  Actually, as I read this last piece of news, I remembered something Alfred Hitchcock often said: reality is often much worse than any horror film. Reflecting back on the small tour of the news of the world I just did, I realize… Hitchcock was definitely right!
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