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by David Sparenberg
2009-08-04 10:06:32
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And he said, “There be some standing here which shall not taste of death” (for death shall not come in bitterness, nor cast his shadow on the face in familiar forms of fear) “till they see” (for the soul is seeing, is a grace of perception, and the eye that beholds in the sweet psalm and clear of recurring peace, from deep of the deep of the soul’s perspective, is not the same as the eye inflamed with malice and rage, or the eye of alien-flesh, crusted over with the dust of lust and with the ashes of greed) “till they see the Son of Man” (who is none other than the end of evolution of the individual soul and the image of collective awakening) “coming” (up from the light there, behind the darkness folded behind the light we are accustomed to letting out and letting in) “in his Kingdom.”

And what is this, the kingdom, if not the perception of the soul, of soul’s perspective, the intensity of mercy?  For the soul’s perception is source of the peacemaker’s courage and the humility of love abides in our trust in nakedness; for the skin, if you touch her, is warm and tender.  Thus, “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh” (that breaks bread and pours forth wine).

And I look at you and am saying now: What is the heart, with the dove descending and the rose of Sharon, and with lily of the valley?  And with eyes into eyes, open-angels praying, let us chant: “or what shall a man (or a woman) exchange for his (or for her) soul?” with this, a sea of pain in the wounds of salt and a sky of joy, smiling fertile rain over, in movement perpetual, of near silent love-talk.  That if (dark terror!) “the blind leadeth the blind,” what then, my friend, what then?

Ah!  See!  We are not gathered here to cast out a stone with the bruise of a hurting face upon it, but to step down out of pretense and descend into the whispering breath of the waters of Jordan, softness.  For lo “the Kingdom of God” begins in the eyes!  And who then, among us now, will join me in tears?  For I (for one) am honored to weep for the sake of Heaven.  And “there be some standing (among us who) shall not taste of death” before transfiguration.

For falseness must fall away, if those possessed of their demons would be free, and those who are leprous be clean.  And he said, “Come forth” and “Amen.”

from THESE ARE THE WORDS by David Sparenberg

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Alexander Mikhaylov2009-08-06 01:48:00
'from THESE ARE THE WORDS by David Sparenberg'
'These are words from David Sparenberg' indeed!
Well, I had no clue that, apart from being an 'activist poet' (whatever that means) you also enjoy a part time job as a self-employed prophet! Well done, sir!

David Sparenberg2009-08-09 17:45:29
Alex, grow up or find a new bone to chew on, please. Are you truly so miserable and hateful toward life? Or is the cynical bullying just posturing and your lack of trust in friendship?

candy2009-12-20 07:26:41

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