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"Endless and Eternal"
by David Barger
2009-07-30 09:42:26
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The Day in all her beauty
Favored the Night
With his calm collected
Atmospheric nature.
Overall she liked the way
He presented himself;
How with only his touch
He could set everyone’s
Mind at ease.
The Night so longed for the Day
With her sunny disposition.
Overall he loved her long black hair;
How it would flow and entwine
Around the universe.
They both had their tempers
And would occasionally thunder about,
But that was almost certainly
From hypaethral loneliness.
In the boundaries of time
They would see each other
Mere minutes as the other
Passed by.
A long enough moment
That their lips could meet.
A long enough moment
That a kiss could heal
The following moments
When love would sting,
And all the minutes gathered
Were filled of seemingly
Endless and eternal loneliness.

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