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Spanish report Spanish report
by Euro Reporter
2009-07-19 08:55:35
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Partido Popular call for Moratinos to cancel his trip to Gibraltar on Tuesday

The Partido Popular has called on the Spanish Foreign Minister, Miguel Ángel Moratinos, to suspend his planned trip to Gibraltar in Tuesday. The PP considers that until ‘the threats and dialectic aggression’ from the Gibraltar authorities comes to an end. Javier Arenas made the call at a PP rally in Vícar, Almería on Saturday, saying the trip ‘made no sense’.

What will be the first visit of a Spanish Foreign Minister to the Rock in 300 years. Moratinos will meet with his British counterpart, David Miliband, and the Gibraltar First Minister, Peter Caruana, as part of the three-way dialogue process started in 2004. The meeting was almost cancelled because of the recent row over territorial waters and a new European environmental zone created in the area, but finally it was agreed that these problems did not affect the position of either side on sovereignty of the waters. Moratinos will meet with local mayors from the Campo de Gibraltar area before the visit, and after is expected to invite Miliband to dine in either Sevilla or Jerez.


Wind and Fire at Benicàssim Festival

The 1,500 people who had to be evacuated from the FIB campsite at the Benicàssim music festival because of gale force winds in the early hours of Saturday returned to the site in the evening.  The campers were given access to a local sports centre as many saw their tents blow away in the Vendaval winds which reached 75 kilometres per hour at times. 24 people needed treatment from the Red Cross but were not seriously hurt. A fire close to the festival site also blew smoke over the performance of Tom Tom Club, and the fire service had to be called. The wind had earlier forced the interruption of the performance of Paul Weller, who had not choice but to end his set ten minutes early, and it led to the cancellation of the performance by Kings of Leon.


Dairy farmers protest in Santaigo de Compostela

Bad debt in the Spanish financial sector has reached 4.6%, the highest level seen for almost 13 years and three times higher than just a year ago. Savings banks have been hardest hit with a 5.2% bad debt level.
The total amount of doubtful credit has now reached 86.3 billion € out of a total volume of 1.96 trillion. Manuel Chaves, the Minister for Territorial Police and the ex President of the Junta de Andalucía, has said that he hopes that Caja Sur and Caja Jaén will merge with Unicaja, as soon as possible. Chaves supports the idea of one big savings bank for the Andalucia region.

Industry in Spain continues in free fall with turn over and orders down by 29% for May. The fall is however less than the 32.1% seen April. It is however the eighth consecutive fall in the monthly number. 3,000 dairy farmers have demonstrated in Santiago de Compostela for ‘a dignified price’ for milk. Some of them say they will accept a minimum price of 31 cents per litre, while other unions are demanding a level no lower than 34 cents.


Barcelona signs Ibrahimovic

Barcelona has done a deal for the Swedish striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, according to the newspaper El Periódico. In a deal closed in the early hours of this morning, the club will play 40 million € for the player, plus transfer Samuel Eto’o and lend Hleb for a year. The agreement was made with Inter in Milan following the unexpected arrival of the Barcelona President, Joan Laporta.

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